September 30, 2009

What are you sinking about?

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Hey funny fish! Sea u on Friday! :)

Hey funny fish! Sea u on Friday! Am soooo funny today! 🙂

Lots of Germans, one Syrian and a couple of Canadians are gonna be on their way to Musandam, Oman, on next Friday again. Yes. Even though we will have to get up at 6 in the morning I’m really looking forward to that trip. It’s gonna be one of those boat trips with snorkelling, swimming, eating, drinking, dolphin watching, sleeping… Yay!


Joy is not getting on with it today.

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Feeling like a really old, chubby and dishevelled rabbit today. Very sleepy since I had to finish reading this book last night. Since the office is rather empty today there doesn’t seem much to do – which is good for a change.

Marni S/S 2010 Collection.

Marni S/S 2010 Collection.

Going through all the interesting online magazines and being really thrilled about the Marni S/S 2010 collection. People who are not that into fashion or rather art (since I consider fashion design an art) like boyfr won’t understand what I see in these pieces! I’m so happy to own that really stunning Marni skirt I’ve bought about 10 years ago. Actually the items in my closet that I love most are from Marni.

Gotta start working… Will explain the weird “joy” headline another time…

September 27, 2009

Room with a view.

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... and a bit of blue in the desert.

... and a bit of blue in the desert.

Actually, it’s the view from my office in Dubai Media City. Right across the street we have the sea and a piece of the Palm Jumeirah. The green part in the front belongs to the One & Only Royal Mirage Hotel, which is really nice (and even though Dubai has countless 5- or even 7-star hotels, not many of them are as beautiful as the One & Only). The pool next to our office belongs to the Arjaan Hotel. My male colleagues enjoy the view, especially when Russian female tourists take a nap in their tiny bikinis to get a tan.

Where and what and why?

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I saw this charming T on one of my favourite (online) stores. Check it out, they have amazing stuff.

I saw this charming T on one of my favourite (online) stores. Check it out, they have amazing stuff:

I’m still quite new here and even now I can’t decide what this blog shall be all about. About fashion? About Dubai? Originally it was supposed to be all about copy and advertising, which turns out to be absolutely not the case by now. I do have a vague idea where this is all leading to, but I think I still need to try different things. So please bear with me.

September 24, 2009

O’zapft is.

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Important thing to do on a Thursday night: buy the new TimeOut Dubai.

Important thing to do on a Thursday night: buy the new TimeOut Dubai.

While TimeOut Dubai presents their readers with 20 brilliant ways how to make more money, I rather think about how to spend it. It’s Thursday night, Friday and Saturday is off – weekend! What’s more: it’s Oktoberfest time. Let’s go to the Oktoberfest, because that’s what Germans usually do! Let’s get up tomorrow morning at 9.30, put on our Lederhosen and Dirndl and drive to the Bierzelt at the Ritz Carlton to enjoy Frühshoppen at 11 am. Erm… wait a second. Waking up at 9.30 am on a Friday? Going to the Oktoberfest Frühshoppen? At the Ritz Carlton Dubai? No freakin way! Let boyfr go with the other Lederhosen. Because I know at least 20 better ways to spend my money.

September 23, 2009


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These will soon be in my stomach.

These will soon be in my stomach.

Delicious and healthy. Edamame. They have them at Waitrose, but I’m not always lucky enough to get them, since they’re obviously quite popular here. Wonder if people here know what to do with them. I mean, Dubai is just about to slowly discover Japanese food. They are not done with all the fast food chains, yet. Not that I have anything against fast food. It’s more the fact that it only comes in those huge American chain stores. What would I give for an ordinary Pommes Rot Weiß with/without Curry Wurst from a real Pommesbude.

Lazy days.

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Yes I see, the title “blindcopy” does bear the risk of people saying: Oh yeah, this blog is as good as blindcopy. She might as well put blindcopy and nobody would realise. Hm, but what to do when all the good titles are already taken? Have to think it over. But not today. After staying at home for a couple of days my brain has to be re-activated first. Still blown away (it’s actually mindblasting if you know what I’m talking about) by this 13-year old girl’s blog. Feeling so not creative after reading through it for hours. ☹

September 21, 2009

Bye-bye precious.

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Glitter and glamour à la S*uce in Dubai.

Glitter and glamour à la S*uce in Dubai.

This is what I bought for our lovely Junior Art Director L’il M as a farewell gift, or rather what’s inside: one of those really cute lucky charms you only get at S*uce, Dubai’s one and only charming boutique.

We’ll really miss our little sunshine at the agency. And who’s gonna build those perfect little pieces of art called dummies, when L’il M is not here anymore? Good luck, L’il M and come back!


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New flatmate: Atze.

New flatmate: Atze.

This is Atze. Boyfr won him for me on Dubai Mall’s Sega Land. It was love at first sight. Isn’t he really handsome? Also love the delicate details on his dish dasha.

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