October 3, 2009

From the crypt.

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All the sea salt and the soaring sun during our Musandam boat trip yesterday have left my skin all cracked up and hurting. So after a nice bath I’ve decided to treat my hands to a manicure including a Paraffin (hot wax) treatment, which is supposed to detoxify and heal your skin and boost your blood circulation.

First of all I’d get the usual cut, file, remove cuticles treatment. But then Mylan (my always cute, clever and lovely therapist at the Nailspa) got a big bowl of a really hot looking wax. She warned me that the Paraffin was not only looking hot before she put one of my hands into the bowl, but it was ok. I’d get to soak each hand three or four times in the hot wax before they got wrapped up in a foil and put on gloves. My hands and arms looked like I was a mummy right from the crypt but I felt quite alive, both hot and cold. After a couple of minutes the gloves and the wax were removed. I didn’t expect to see a difference but it’s amazing: little sore spots or scratches were gone. And I feel great now!

My therapist at the Nailspa, Mylan.

My therapist at the Nailspa, Mylan.

Hand in Paraffin. Scary.

Hand in Paraffin. Scary.

Hand after Paraffin. Soft. :)

Hand after Paraffin. Soft. 🙂

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