November 23, 2009

Thanks Them Thangs.

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It seems life has taken a turn – I hope it’s not a U-turn. In fact I have turned – into a freak.

I actually don’t belong to the generation internet. I mean, I’m young or at least I’m not old, but – just to give you an idea – when I started my first job, there was no internet, hence no email available for most of the people. And when the newspaper I worked for had to go to press we went to the printer where we had to cut and stick our articles onto a piece of paper.

However, I was never that much into internet. I used to read the newspaper – and it literally was a paper. I used the internet for researches or to send emails, but never for pure pleasure and entertainment. I never took my laptop home with me after work to look up or read anything online. I read loads of books, magazines and I went to exhibitions.

I don’t know how this could ever happen – but suddenly I’ve become addicted to the internet. I blame boyfr since he made all that fancy “high-tech” stuff more and more accessible and available to me but I also blame a couple of blogs which are simply so fantastic that I can’t stop browsing them.

It sometimes still scares me how fast life has become through the internet and how big small things can appear online, how manipulative the net can be. I still don’t like birthday congrats via email and I hate RIP messages on internet platforms. There’s nothing more impersonal.

But then again people share so many incredible things via internet. That’s why I can’t stop surfing. That’s why I feel like a freak.

Anyways, I wanted to share a really amazing blog with you I discovered yesterday. It’s like a huge collage of the most beautiful and sometimes disturbing images. Since I’ve picked single images to show here, the whole concept of the blog doesn’t really come across. So, check it out yourself.

(Images via Them Thangs.)


How I felt this morning.

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(Polaroids by Dash Snow via

Went to bed too late last night. Too late because I watched that movie which I had already watched before. Baader-Meinhoff-Komplex – bad movie, by the way. So, what was I doing? It’s only because I’m really interested in this whole Deutscher Herbst thing and the (political) atmosphere in Germany in 1977. Anyways. After I have watched the (in many ways) disturbing performance of Moritz Bleibtreu as Andreas Baader (he’s just not Baader, I’m sorry) I didn’t sleep very well. Also felt sorry for the cat since she most obviously missed boyfr. First she didn’t want to go to sleep as she would usually do. Instead she preferred sitting in front of the entrance door (she never sits there). After a while she must have realised that he wouldn’t come home so she jumped onto the bed – to “attack” me. We played for like half an hour until I threw her out – and let her back in one hour later because I missed her. Thank god boyfr’s coming back tomorrow night.

November 22, 2009


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Rain in Dubai. Just rain. Today. But it is only the 22. November, so it’s been quite a sensation, especially for those who thought it would never rain here. I kind of got into that xmassy feeling when I saw all the gingerbread in the supermarket and I even bought an interior magazine with tips how to decorate your home for christmas – even though I’ve never been that much into christmas. Maybe it’s because I’m not going home for christmas for the first time since I’ve been living here in Dubai?

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Oh boy!

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Guys, if you don’t get yourself one of those super cute Lanvin cufflinks or tie pins (which I would kinda understand because men usually don’t wanna look cute) then at least get them for your girls!

(Discovered on

November 19, 2009

Gegen jede Vernunft.

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Surrealism from Prague to Paris. Dictation of thought. No control. Wilhelm-Hack-Museum and Kunstverein Ludwigshafen, Rhein Germany). Until 14th February 2010.

(Images via

November 18, 2009

All those little things.

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Sometimes it’s the little things which bring joy, they say. And after I’ve just been in one of those situations when I was desperately looking for a nice little present to buy – not too big, not too expensive – I see all that stuff I could buy for certain people or friends of mine. So I decided to do a list of little presents for beloved ones in general. And as I actually do have a job, I mean a real full-time job which I should take care of like NOW, this list makes definitely no claim to be complete!

MIMOCO iPhone Skins, EUR 16. Seen on

Fleathers Bunny Love Ring, USD 215. Seen on

Natsuki Shibata Chopstick Rest, SGD 16. Seen on

Benoit Missolin Silk Headband, GBP. Seen on

Jouer Avec Moa Moonlight dew cuffs, SGD 110. Seen on

LEGO Stereo CD Boombox, EUR 80. Seen on

Tina Lilienthal Pearl Skull Bracelet, GBP 75. Seen on

Tina Lilienthal Rabbit Necklace, GBP 95. Seen on

Applebum MacBook 13" Case, EUR 88. Seen on

Zero Tolerance, EUR 22. This book sums up the usual stupid memos about the anti-social effects of graffitis on society. Seen on

November 17, 2009

The sweetest thing.

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Anything that has a Japanese tag inspires me. I don’t know if it’s kind of a national pride of my almost not existing Japanese half or what it is. Maybe it’s only a spleen everybody has for anything. However, after my obsession for Comme des Garcons (my mum and my sis could tell you funny stories about that) and Yohji Yamamoto in the 90s I recently discovered Tsumori Chisato. I’d instantly describe her design as “very Japanese” although she doesn’t have anything in common with my old puristical, avant-garde Japanese fashion icons. It’s sticky sweet, sometimes almost going over board. But it’s also as funny as cute and I love all the delicate details and the fancy shapes.

So I went to that Tsumori Chisato flagship store at DIFC Gate Village, tried on a couple of things just to find out that no matter what I tried I looked like my Japanese grandma in – what she called – her house dress. I bet the sales assistant must have had a jolly good time. I’m simply not that quirky kinda girl. Sigh. Doesn’t matter. I keep on enjoying Tsumori Chisato’s stuff online, in magazines and in the shop windows. Hope you enjoy it, too.

(All images via Humor.)


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It’s been 70 years that L. Frank Baum’s children’s novel “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz” was filmed and released, and it must have been the late 70s when I watched it on television. I remember that I was sick at home and that I felt a little like Dorothee – ok, which girl didn’t after watching that wonderful movie?

Only recently I received an invitation by Saks in Dubai for an event under the same theme: The Wizard of Oz. I couldn’t go because traffic in that direction is always a nightmare. But: I was humming “Somewhere over the rainbow” all week long and I’m still looking for those ruby slippers.

November 16, 2009

Sad but true.

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Another proof of my disability to spot a beautiful shoe when I see it on the rack.


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I’ve seen these black fringe pumps on a Dubai Shopping Mall and asked myself who the heck would ever buy these? Now that I saw this ad for J Brand a couple of days back it all makes sense. But I think the ad does more for the Louboutins than for the jeans, which – we would all admit – most definitely looks amazing on Freja though.

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