November 18, 2009

All those little things.

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Sometimes it’s the little things which bring joy, they say. And after I’ve just been in one of those situations when I was desperately looking for a nice little present to buy – not too big, not too expensive – I see all that stuff I could buy for certain people or friends of mine. So I decided to do a list of little presents for beloved ones in general. And as I actually do have a job, I mean a real full-time job which I should take care of like NOW, this list makes definitely no claim to be complete!

MIMOCO iPhone Skins, EUR 16. Seen on

Fleathers Bunny Love Ring, USD 215. Seen on

Natsuki Shibata Chopstick Rest, SGD 16. Seen on

Benoit Missolin Silk Headband, GBP. Seen on

Jouer Avec Moa Moonlight dew cuffs, SGD 110. Seen on

LEGO Stereo CD Boombox, EUR 80. Seen on

Tina Lilienthal Pearl Skull Bracelet, GBP 75. Seen on

Tina Lilienthal Rabbit Necklace, GBP 95. Seen on

Applebum MacBook 13" Case, EUR 88. Seen on

Zero Tolerance, EUR 22. This book sums up the usual stupid memos about the anti-social effects of graffitis on society. Seen on


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