December 11, 2009

Herman was never good enough.

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This is Herman, the mouse. He used to be Atze’s sparring partner. Trapped in his du-box he was always good for a nice punch. But Atze is growing quickly thus she’s getting really bored of Herman. What she needed was another cat. A real one.

So we went to Feline Friends’ Cat Adoption Day today. Actually we just wanted to have a look first. But everyone who loves pets knows that it’s absolutely not possible to have a look and to leave without one of all those sad little sweeties.

There was Scotsman Hamish. Ginger male, affectionate, playful and confident. A little too confident for our taste. We didn’t want to bring a cat, which would dominate Atze. Then there was this little ugly tabby. We were told she was a bit shy. So we said “yes, that’s it” – and couldn’t believe how fast they got her out of her cage into a carrier and into our car. No tears, no good-bye.

Now she’s ours. And Atze’s. Atze is really excited about Feia (which is Portuguese and means “ugly” – thank you dear Kelly), which showed us again what an exceptional cat Atze is. She is not jealous, just sweet. Only Feia hisses at Atze because she’s still a little scared. And maybe it’s also her Arabic temperament.

Atze is and will always be our number one – that’s why we got her Feia, actually.

So cross your fingers and paws that Feia will feel comfortable and at home with Alex, Atze and me soon.



  1. Ja, drücken wir ganz fest – weil, ein schönes
    Pärchen und Atze nicht so allein

    Comment by die Mama — December 15, 2009 @ 12:28 pm

    • Och, Ihr seid ja süß. Stimmt, Ihr drückt Daumen und Pfoten. 🙂

      Comment by japankazu — December 15, 2009 @ 12:36 pm

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