January 31, 2010

I’ll be back.

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It sucks when you’ve been sick and in the meantime all jobs have been postponed until you’re back. Because of this I had a really busy week and couldn’t do anything else but: working, working, working. And I guess this must have been too much work for my laptop, too because it just died Friday night. Now I’ve got nothing to work on or with until my new MacBook arrives, and I depend on boyfr’s Dell – I don’t know what is worse. Anyways, I hope I’ll be back soon. Cross your fingers! xxx


January 22, 2010

Vegging out.

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If I don’t have anything to say I usually don’t post anything. There’s nothing more annoying than an article posted just to post something. But today – even though I don’t really have to say anything – I feel like posting: I’m still alive. I’ve just been lying around sick at home for almost one week now. The cats already treat me like I’m one of them. Maybe I should go and see a doctor because I don’t seem to get better. It’s not really a cold, maybe some kind of virus. Anyways. I just had to go out today to enjoy the nice weather for a while.

We went to Jumeirah and I took some pictures here and there. On our way back we passed by one of my favourite boutiques here in Dubai – S*uce. The ultimate proof that I’m really not feeling well: I didn’t even want to go inside. The other reason is, that since they’ve opened up another branch at Dubai Mall, they seem to neglect their first Dubai boutique in Jumeirah. The shelves looked kind of empty and they seem to stock more regional designers there – which is o.k. but a little lopsided, too. Anyways, if you ever come to Dubai you have to visit S*uce – no matter which branch (they also have one in Abu Dhabi by the way). It’s a unique experience.

January 20, 2010

C’est le pompon.

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Today’s obsession is: the pompon. (Just in the unlikely case that guys read my blog and this post: No, it’s not what you may think. Look at the pictures first.)

Apart from the strickliesel, knitting dolly, knitting nancy, or however you used to call them doing pompons was one of the first things I remember being able to do without the help of someone else. When I was a kid. Everything I did had or was made of pompons. Unfortunately, pompons remained the only thing I still could craft today – if I just had the patience. It’s easy. And the result is lovely! I should start crafting some – and if it’s only for the cats. Feisty Feia went ballistic last time I was wearing my pompon shoes.

(By the way: No, the pompons in the first image are not handmade – at least not by myself. They’re part of my clownish pompon shoes by Etro I bought two years ago.)

This ACNE shoe (via triggered my pompon obsession today. Sorry, but I don't like the heel.

It comes with two detachable pompons.

Pompon belt by Lanvin (via Lanvin is luxurious pompon provider No. 1 this season. They even have a bag called 'C'est le pompon'.

Lanvin denim pompon sandal (via

Check out Yokoo Scarves & Accessories on Etsy. Not only her pompon headbands but especially her chunky knit chains are adorable.

Pompons prey. Feia almost killed my shoes!

January 19, 2010

Perfectly imperfect.

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Prologue: I’m writing this from my sick bed.

Dear colleagues, who came to the office to work hard even though you were sick, who briefed me on jobs coughing and snuffling – thank you for spreading the joy! So, I’m at home in bed since yesterday. And I am glad. Unfortunately I’m alone since Alex is still on a business trip and won’t come back until tomorrow night. So I had to drive to the supermarket and the pharmacy myself today. Before that I had to go to the bank to get money. I just wanted to withdraw some but ended up furious, upset and sweating like a pig (think I’m feverish) in front of the teller’s desk. Don’t ask me. The teller apologised that someone of Emirates Bank must have “messed it up” which didn’t help me at all. So believe me, as soon as I have my energy back I will go to their branch at Internet City and kick someone’s a…

So after I bought everything I could get for the money left in my wallet (because the bank couldn’t give me any – “sorrrrry mum”) I’m sitting at home, doped with two different anti-flu medicines, drinking hot green tea (thank god for green tea). And when you’re sick (and a woman) what’s better than browsing the internet for beautiful stuff. This is how I came across Rei Kawakubo’s (aka Comme des Garcons) SS 2010 pieces on Colette (yes, they should start giving me a discount – as often as I promote their online boutique) 🙂

I love the perfect imperfection…

(All images via

January 16, 2010

Hey boy, hey girl.

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It’s been long before Current/Elliott rose to fame with their boyfriend jeans that I discovered for myself: that boyish style not only is unbelievably comfortable but also sexy if you know how to pull it off. I don’t claim that I always manage myself (it’s really hard when you’re tiny like me, you know?), but anyways…

I can’t get enough of it. Especially here in Dubai where women really like to dress sexy, you have to make an effort and find other ways if you want to stand out. And wouldn’t the beautiful Yves Saint Laurent Edition Unisex be a really sexy but boyish (nah, let’s call it androgynous) way to achieve this? What do you think, boys (and girls)?

(Images via

The perfect jacket sculpture…

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… has been made by Gareth Pugh. In its own way this jacket looks antique and new, loose and firm, symmetric and asymmetric, romantic and unsentimental at the same time. I love the colour, which gives it that additional sculpture-like touch. And I love the yarn. What more can I say?


January 15, 2010

A day through pink glasses or: Ruffles, roses and silk.

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Another Friday. I decided to stay the whole day at home and I prepared myself for that: Juices, sodas and water in the fridge. Cola flavoured Chupa Chups? Check. Fruits, milk, bread and cheese? Check. Black tea and green tea? Check. Oregano’s menu next to the phone? Check. Enough cat food and litter sand? Check.

There’s nothing better than a relaxed day at home: sleeping in, cleaning the flat, taking a long bath, reading the news… feeling wonderful. I love it when everything including me feels fresh and I open up my closet and smell the clean fabrics mixed with a hint of my perfume. It sounds a little psychotic, but nobody is perfect, right?

I took out some of my favourite tops, but since I’m not going to leave the flat today I decided just to take some pictures (still trying to do photo art, still trying…). It may look like I’m a fan of pink. I’m actually not. These are my only pink pieces. But I love them, and it makes me sad that I can’t wear the ruffled blouse anymore because I don’t fit in – I’ve gained too much weight here in Dubai. Damn it.

Ruffled blouse by Hugo.

Roses top by Marni.

Almost transparent silk. By Chloé.

Heart pocket and ruffles. See by Chloé.

January 13, 2010

On the dot.

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Polka dots seem to appear in every fashion season, again and again. I have my difficulties with those dots since the pattern is often associated with the 1950s. Not that I don’t like that decade but dots on dresses… too innocent and happy for my taste. Apart from that, a dotted piece of clothing is a clearly visible statement and there’s always a lot going on when polka dots are involved. I just can’t do it. Thus only a very few dots have made it to my closet: A very boyish black shirt with white dots by Paul Smith I bought ages ago for an interview and that little Philipp Lim jacket which looks like a “dot persiflage” to me ‘cause only one dot pattern hasn’t been enough here – it’s made of three different polka dot patterns. Enough dots for me, but there’s still plenty in store if you check the S/S 2010 collections for example.

Chiffon dress by Philipp Lim.

Bra by Philipp Lim.

Luella SS 2010 (via

Luella SS 2010 (via

Tabitha Simmons (via

Comme des Garcons wallet (via

Embossed polka dots. Comme des Garcons (via

Tsumori Chisato dress (via

Close-up of the same dress (via Dots and stars.

Miss Minnie Mouse.

A very rare "me wearing dots".

January 8, 2010

History repeating.

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From 1971. (Via

Do you remember macramé? I do. My mother went through a macramé phase and I remember her sitting at our kitchen table combing, braiding and knotting this scratchy thread. Looking back the results give me the creeps (and I believe my mother will agree).

This must have been in the 70s. And now, around 40 years later, Alber Elbaz created an amazing Spring/Summer collection for Lanvin, which includes (yes, you’re guessing right) macramé elements – within the range of shoes. And I love it.  🙂



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