January 8, 2010

I never promised you a rose garden.

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At Carluccio's.

Backside of Dubai Mall.

Part of Souk Al Bahar with the fountain lake.

Souk Al Bahar entrance.

From Souk Al Bahar to Dubai Mall.

And because it's so beautiful and has a new name: Burj Khalifa.

Friday. First day of the weekend. The plan for today was: Getting up early, taking my (still quite new) photo camera, jumping into the car, driving around Dubai taking pictures, ending up at Bastakiya’s XVA Gallery enjoying a glass of their heavenly fresh mint lemonade. Until the part when I was jumping into the car heading off to Sheikh Zayed Road everything went absolutely according to my plan. But close to Dubai Mall I remembered that I had to go to Paris Gallery to get my Shiseido stuff (and unfortunately Paris Gallery is the only Shiseido retailer). Ok, just a short stop at Dubai Mall then…

If you’re living in Dubai you know that those kind of pit stops don’t work here. After I had managed to park, catch the elevator (yes, you really have to catch them, they only stop occasionally at Dubai Mall, and the escalators were still under maintenance), find my way to Paris Gallery and interview three different sales consultants I needed a break and lunch. So I went to Carluccio’s where I was again confronted with confused service personnel but – also had the best Spinach Ricotta Ravioli of my life. It was a wonderful day. People were sitting outside enjoying the sun, looking up to Burj Khalifa… I felt like I was on holidays. So instead of leaving for the old part of Dubai I stayed at Down Town and went to Souk Al Bahar (which is by the way a waste of time, the restaurants are nice though) and along Fashion Boulevard including all the boutiques. The result: No interesting different pictures. I didn’t even buy anything apart from my Shiseido stuff at Paris Gallery. Altogether it took me 5 hours.

So, sorry – no pictures of Bastakiya and XVA Gallery, but again some Down Town Burj Khalifa pictures. But as I already announced on Twitter before I left: don’t expect too much. Therefore I’m going to add some really outstanding images Noop, a bloke from Dubai-Forum (unfortunately only German) took.

(Following images courtesy of Deutsches Dubai Forum (c) Noop.)

Dubai Mall.

Dubai Marina.

Dubai Creek with Golf Club.

Atlantis Hotel.

Jumeirah Beach Residence - the world's biggest automotive open air showroom. 😉

Self-explaining, isn't it? Ski Dubai at Mall of the Emirates.

Dubai Mall.

Jumeirah Beach.

Souk Al Bahar at night.


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  1. Wow – I’ve never been to Dubai, but it looks quite beautiful!

    Comment by Jason — January 12, 2010 @ 4:12 am

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