January 15, 2010

A day through pink glasses or: Ruffles, roses and silk.

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Another Friday. I decided to stay the whole day at home and I prepared myself for that: Juices, sodas and water in the fridge. Cola flavoured Chupa Chups? Check. Fruits, milk, bread and cheese? Check. Black tea and green tea? Check. Oregano’s menu next to the phone? Check. Enough cat food and litter sand? Check.

There’s nothing better than a relaxed day at home: sleeping in, cleaning the flat, taking a long bath, reading the news… feeling wonderful. I love it when everything including me feels fresh and I open up my closet and smell the clean fabrics mixed with a hint of my perfume. It sounds a little psychotic, but nobody is perfect, right?

I took out some of my favourite tops, but since I’m not going to leave the flat today I decided just to take some pictures (still trying to do photo art, still trying…). It may look like I’m a fan of pink. I’m actually not. These are my only pink pieces. But I love them, and it makes me sad that I can’t wear the ruffled blouse anymore because I don’t fit in – I’ve gained too much weight here in Dubai. Damn it.

Ruffled blouse by Hugo.

Roses top by Marni.

Almost transparent silk. By Chloé.

Heart pocket and ruffles. See by Chloé.

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  1. dubai does have a reputation of over indulgence, but I’m sure you look lovely, the most definitely shrank. 😉

    xo farisita

    Comment by farisita — January 16, 2010 @ 12:31 am

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