March 5, 2010

You say good-bye and I say hello.

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It’s been a while. But remember (?) – my MacBook Pro died and since I’m such a creature of habit I refused to work on anyone else’s machine. Unfortunately I couldn’t just go to the next store and buy me a new laptop. I had to order one and I’m still waiting for it. Obviously I also couldn’t keep up my spoilt attitude not to work on anyone else’s machine. So I finally accepted Alex’ really nice offer to use his old laptop he fixed especially for me, it’s a PC though. And at the office I’m using my friend’s MacBook Pro – thank you Moe!

I know it’s ridiculous, but I was so upset – this laptop died after only 2 years without even giving me a little warning. At least Alex was able to save all my bookmarks, docs, pics and stuff. But I can’t tell you what I’ve been going through. Anyways.

The Mac was not the only thing I had to bemoan. Freaking cats killed our new vase while Alex was away on a business trip – it’s always the same: As soon as Alex takes his big suitcase and leaves the little brats start acting weird. The new vase was standing there for more than one week without a paw touching it. It looked really pretty – and of course it had some nice flowers and a lot of water in it. Alex left and in the first night without him the cats decided to give the vase the death sentence. That was sooo much fun… It took me half an hour in the middle of the night to clean and dry and vacuum clean the floor, trying to hold the nosy cats back at the same time (don’t know why I didn’t just lock them up in another room).

Apart from that I’ve been really, really busy at work for the last six weeks – which is also bad, since I’m working on a laptop which doesn’t have Windows Word, and I’m a copywriter. Yeeees, I know I should stop feeling sorry for myself. Because: I’m doing really well. Working at the agency is even better than O.K., it’s fun (forget about last week). The weather has been nice (apart from last week), like a warm spring or early summer in Europe – the only sad thing is that I didn’t have enough time to enjoy it.


RIP. MacBook and Vase said good-bye.
I said hello to my new Marni Top and bracelet – 60% off at DIFC.

Bow on my Marni top.

Marni bracelet.


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