March 14, 2010

The weekend before the move. Part I.

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One week till we move to that triangle in Dubai. Last night we met the guy who should take the measurements for the curtains at the villa and found out that there was no electricity (yes, Dewa is registered and paid). Hmmm, so we had to use our mobiles to have at least a little light for the guy to measure everything. Alex also parked the car right in front of the open house door and turned on the headlights. But it was ok. Gosh, I can’t wait to move. It’s like were not really living in our current flat anymore but we’re also not living in the new home, yet. And there’s still so much to organize.

The cats obviously don’t know anything about their new home – I’m sooooo much looking forward to seeing their reaction (after the first little shock) when they see that they will have loads of space, a huge garden and a huge terrace (Atze loves sitting on our tiny balcony all day long only watching people and birds). The other possibility is that the two simply continue using and living in the small spaces, like they’re used to.

I gave that little cat-grass-thing all my tender love and care for more than one week until I presented it the cats.

And they don’t know what to do with it – apart from tearing it to shreds.


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