April 8, 2010

Are you in?

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Siena dress by Isabel Marant SS 2010.

Isabel Marant seems to be THE must-have label for all fashion freaks (me including) these days. The hype has grown to the extend that “new arrivals” on Net-a-Porter & Co. are already sold out before they’re even uploaded – or so it seems. The waiting lists for almost any item – even for the (in my humble opinion) cheap looking fashion jewellery – are getting longer and longer. Good thing for all clever ebay sellers who are lucky to live close to any of the few Isabel Marant Boutiques in France.

Same, same but different: the Chanel Limited Edition Nail Polish. A year or so ago it had to be Jade, this season it seems like women can’t live without Particuliere (sorry, there’s no accent grave on the English keyboard). Nobody is talking about the other two colours of the Limited Edition range but they’re sold out regardless. A couple of weeks ago I dared to ask a sales assistant in a cosmetic store if they happened to have a bottle of that liquid gold left – she just gave me a blank and totally annoyed look and said: “It’s a LIMITED edition.” Hello? I do know the meaning of “limited” and I didn’t ask to ORDER one for me!

Object of desire: Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour Limited Edition.

It’s crazy…

Is there anything you are lusting after but couldn’t get yet? Or are you one of the lucky and fast fashionistas who successfully hunted one of the limited nail polish bottles? Or can you simply resist any fashion hype? Let me know!


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