April 17, 2010

Part 5: Feia and Diane.

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I can’t get tired of posting pics of at least one of our cats. Today it’s Feodora’s (Feia’s) turn, simply because she’s very clingy, follows me wherever I go and is interested into ANYthing. Right now she’s sitting on my lap. It’s very uncomfortable for both of us, but who cares? The other tiger came home with me the day before yesterday: when I had to buy a bikini (see my other post about the boat trip). I never bought a bikini in my entire life. The only one I had (still have) was a present from my sister. She brought it from Brazil like seven years ago. Why I don’t like bikinis? It’s obvious (at least for me): When I lie at the beach, in the heat, in the sun I don’t make my hair, I don’t put on make up and I wear clothes that I absolutely don’t care about – because I’m sweating and everything’s full of sand. So why should I wear a beautiful bikini? I would always be afraid that the salty sea water would eat it away or that the sun would bleach its colours or that the sand would tear it to tatters. I know that’s sick or at least very, very picky, isn’t it? Whatever. Now, I have a bikini. It’s from Diane von Fuerstenberg and it was the only one which fit perfectly (both top and bottom). I wore it on Mimi’s and Michael’s birthday party on the boat yesterday. And now I’m waiting for the next party aboard a chic yacht. 🙂

By the way: Thank you, lovely sales assistant at Boutique 1. You were right: a little more colour with a bikini doesn't hurt.

(Oh by the way, for all non-Dubaians: Boutique 1 has recently opened their online shop.)

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