April 22, 2010

Tokujin Yoshioka.

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I have a thing for Japanese art/artists/designers. And Tokujin Yoshioka is quite omnipresent in the international art/interior/architecture/design scene at the moment. I’m sure you’ve already seen his wonderful Bouquet chairs in a magazine. One of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen (as in furniture) is his range of Water Blocks – glass benches which I can’t keep my eyes off.

(All images – Bouquet, Star Dust and Water Block – taken from the artist’s website


April 21, 2010

Balkan Brides.

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I’ve seen their designs before but I was never really bothered. I always find the hype around new names like Meadham Kirchhoff suspicious, so I don’t really care. And sometimes I later realise that this has been a mistake.

(Available on ra antwerp.)

I saw this delicate top on ra antwerp today and – surprise, surprise – it’s by the aforementioned Meadham Kirchhoff. The ones I used to associate with heavy layers of gothic-like clothes – I don’t know why. And now this fragile, feminine and romantic little top? I had to have another look…

… and fell in love with their Fall 2010 collection: Gothic meets gypsy meets Balkan bride. So beautiful. Reminds me a little of past (past, past) collections by Dries van Noten and Comme des Garcons.


Oh, isn’t that beautiful? The colours and the folklore style?


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I’m sure many guys may rather be horrified – but I’m telling you: those VPL beach- and underwear is sexy (sorry, should have combined tops and bottoms in a more professional way, but I’m not friends with Photoshop or similar, plus I’m not patient enough)!

(Available at Creatures of Comfort.)

April 20, 2010

Urban Warriors.

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Louise Goldin’s shining armours for feisty girls. I love them because they look so delicate despite their boxy and stiff shape.

(Available on ra13.)

April 19, 2010

Do I need more than that?

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Sometimes when I get sick of the desert and the heat and the 1001 different shades of beige and brown here in this country (which fortunately rarely happens) I wish myself to a place like that. No, to exactly that place! (Found on

April 17, 2010

Part 6: Elsie.

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OK, here it comes. I’ve got a new bag. It’s a present from Alex. And here is why:

It’s like a law. I love bags, BUT I don’t buy them. I go once, I go twice and have a look first. I see one that I like. But I’m not too sure about it. It goes well with anything black and brown, but not with my pink blouse. It’s perfect for the day, but at night? I don’t know. So I do online researches. In my mind I go through my closet and hold the bag (I didn’t buy) against every piece. I decide that the bag should be mine. But: To be 100% sure, I wear my pink blouse when I go to the store to buy it. And: I end up not buying. I am awful, I know, I know. I’m the shop assistants’ cruelest nightmare.

So, do you believe me? I’m in my mid-thirties and own only three handbags. Now you know why.

Recently I’ve decided to get a new one. Da-da-da-daaaaaa. Same shit, different year, different day: I do a little online research. The options are too many. What kind of bags look good on other people? I start observing women in our office tower. I go to different malls and check out different stores. I go back online. I take measurements and compare colours and materials. After four months I know it’s gonna be a black bag. But I’m nowhere close to a buying decision. That’s when I start wailing and whining.

It’s now more than six months (Alex already has a screaming fit every time I only mention anything that sounds like “bag”). We are at the Emirates Towers, pass by Chloe. I: “Hm, there’s the bag I was talking about the other day. But I don’t know…” Alex (surprised): “But this is a nice bag. Even I like it. What’s the problem now?” – “Hm, they have it in black. And I want a black bag.” Alex: “So? Shall we go in?” OK, we enter. The sales assistant (who already knows me and my bag problem) asks friendly: “Ah, would you like to see the black one again?” I agree. While he goes to get the black one, I show Alex the sand-tone model. He says: “But this colour is so much nicer.” I agree.

What can I say? I’ve got the best Alex you can imagine – and he got me the best handbag ever. It’s not black, it’s sand/beige/stone coloured. I loooove it. And it goes with anything black, brown AND with my pink blouse! 😀 Here is the first picture – it’s only a detail of Elsie. More in one of my next posts…

Part 5: Feia and Diane.

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I can’t get tired of posting pics of at least one of our cats. Today it’s Feodora’s (Feia’s) turn, simply because she’s very clingy, follows me wherever I go and is interested into ANYthing. Right now she’s sitting on my lap. It’s very uncomfortable for both of us, but who cares? The other tiger came home with me the day before yesterday: when I had to buy a bikini (see my other post about the boat trip). I never bought a bikini in my entire life. The only one I had (still have) was a present from my sister. She brought it from Brazil like seven years ago. Why I don’t like bikinis? It’s obvious (at least for me): When I lie at the beach, in the heat, in the sun I don’t make my hair, I don’t put on make up and I wear clothes that I absolutely don’t care about – because I’m sweating and everything’s full of sand. So why should I wear a beautiful bikini? I would always be afraid that the salty sea water would eat it away or that the sun would bleach its colours or that the sand would tear it to tatters. I know that’s sick or at least very, very picky, isn’t it? Whatever. Now, I have a bikini. It’s from Diane von Fuerstenberg and it was the only one which fit perfectly (both top and bottom). I wore it on Mimi’s and Michael’s birthday party on the boat yesterday. And now I’m waiting for the next party aboard a chic yacht. 🙂

By the way: Thank you, lovely sales assistant at Boutique 1. You were right: a little more colour with a bikini doesn't hurt.

(Oh by the way, for all non-Dubaians: Boutique 1 has recently opened their online shop.)

Part 4: Etro. Amore mio.

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It seems like nobody in Dubai likes Etro. Their stores in Dubai Mall, Burjuman and Mall of the Emirates have almost the flair of outlet stores (OK, I’m exaggerating. But seriously – they are always empty and as soon as you get closer, the sales assistants shout “Mum, we have 30/60/80 percent off!” I’m not exaggerating here, right Dubaians?) So I bought the grey/pink shawl the other day during the Dubai Shopping Festival. And when they received the new collection and kicked out the old one at 70 percent discount (oh man, I should have bought the blue dip dyed bag) I got the blue/yellow twin brother, too. Two of my best buys ever – they jazz up every black and grey T-shirt!

Part 3: Good friends.

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May I introduce three good friends of mine: Giuseppe, Sergio and Current/Elliot.

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