May 31, 2010

Wolf in sheep’s clothing.

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Proenza Schouler’s Pre Fall 2010 Collection is so pretty! Usually not being a fan of her I’m really intrigued by those oh so innocent little skirts, shorts and school uniform-like shirts and jackets.

(All images via Proenza Schouler.)

And while summer sales has already started and the first Fall 2010 items have arrived in stores I’m sweating in Dubai at 40 degrees Celsius during the day and at 30 degrees at night. I thought that I got used to the heat by now, but this year the summer is really putting me down. Yes, we do have strong ACs everywhere, but this “freezing inside because of the AC, then almost fainting because of the heat when you go outside” is killing me. And this is only the beginning. The other thing is (from a fashion point of view): All the pretty Fall/Winter stuff – useless here in this region. OK it IS cold inside, as I already said. But I definitely wouldn’t wear one of those beautiful fake fur Proenza Schouler coats at the office. Most of the stores stock on winter stuff nevertheless – and sell it at incredibly good prices at the end of the season, because nobody (apart from tourists) would buy them here. Some designers create ‘Fall/Winter’ collections especially for hot regions like the Middle East. But most of that stuff is boring – it’s not really summer and not really winter clothing. That’s life – in Dubai.


Do washing instructions influence your buying decision?

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If you think this post is a waste of time just ignore it (but I guess in this case you have already followed this advice without even reading. Anyways…). But I find the question quite interesting, because it has already been controversial subject during my friends’ and my shopping tours: “I’m not allowed to wash this top? I have to bring it to the laundry? No, then I don’t buy it.” This is one of my friends. The piece of clothing may be looking fabulous and suiting her perfectly – she wouldn’t buy it if she had to bring it to the laundry. “You know how much this thing will REALLY cost you if you can’t wash it yourself?” OK, she has a point. I have to admit that I (frequent laundry user) do feel guilty sometimes after I’ve bought another non-washable piece. And if I don’t feel guilty than at least annoyed every time I walk through the soaring heat to reach my favourite laundry (they are doing a really good job and don’t rip me off), sweating like a pig. But – yup, I think it’s worth it. Thoughts or opinions anyone?

May 29, 2010


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… and it’s almost over again. 😦

We had a very relaxing weekend so far – OK, apart from the fact that our car broke down just after I had bought tons of stuff for our BBQ with Kelly and Leo. We still don’t know what’s wrong with it because I left it there at the Marina Mall parking and took a cab back home so the food wouldn’t get ruined in the soaring heat. But apart from that the weekend was very nice. 🙂 (By the way – we spend most of the time during our BBQ in the house. The temperature and the humidity almost killed us.)

I thought that our little Atze has become a bit neglected here in this blog, maybe because Feia is such an attention wh… that as soon as we get the camera she would be all over the place. Yesterday, when Kelly and Leo came over there were enough people to attract and to get attention from, so we had enough time to take some pictures of Atze. She enjoyed the day so much.


Deep relaxation.

… and Feia.

May 27, 2010

Complexgeometries makes you happy.

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Yesterday I received a shipment from Brown’s: hello Complexgeometries tank top/dress! I’ve stumbled over this brand name a couple of times but I never really cared, because the way their stuff is presented on many online stores makes them look shapeless and boring. But when I saw this tank top/dress on Brown’s I could see that it is something special, and I searched for more images. I finally found some which really show how cool this thing looks here. Believe me – the quality of the top/dress is great and it’s so versatile. The images show only two ways how you can wear it. It’s beautiful and I think this could get one of my favourite pieces in my closet!

(Pictures taken from here.)

Melissa Auf der Maur.

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Thursday. Last day of the week here in Dubai – weekend, so I’m very very happy! 🙂 (Here we are off on Fridays and Saturdays, the week starts on Sunday.) Maybe that’s why I got sooo excited to see the post about Melissa Auf der Maur on Opening Ceremony’s blog. She is one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen (I saw her live a couple of years ago when she was touring with the Smashing Pumpkins), and also one of the best bass guitar players.

I stole a couple of images from that blog. You’ll find more and an interview with Auf der Maur here.

May 26, 2010

Photography I.

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I’m heavily into photography at the moment, and I could browse the internet for interesting images 24/7. This is how I discovered the American photographer Todd Hido whose h(a)unted houses are some of my favourites.

(All images by Todd Hido.)

May 24, 2010

Murphy’s Law.

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It took me more than one year to get this pair of shoes in my size (35). I saw them online in the States first, but they wouldn’t deliver to Dubai. So I contacted Louboutin directly via their website, and they replied really quickly and sweet but couldn’t help me at that time. One year later I received a very, very nice email from them again saying, that they had found one pair in my size. So I ordered. It sounds easy but at that time I was really desperate because this shoe was my one and only wish and I had tried to get them everywhere. Today Net-a-Porter received new stuff – including my Peanut wedge in ALL sizes, starting from 34! Anyways, I think that my pair has a nicer pattern somehow. (I have to keep on telling myself.) What I actually wanted to say is: This is the story of my life – I’m always trying hard, never giving up (when I want something I want it) – just to find out that I could have had it much easier if I would have been a little more patient.

I furnish our home…

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… and this is what I would get if money was not an issue and I was free to choose:

Let’s start with the sofa. For a long time I’ve been dreaming of Togo by Ligne Roset. It’s already a design classic, and I couldn’t get my head around it when I saw it the first time. The second time I came across that weird shaped sofa at a German artist’s house. He used Togo as garden furniture – how decadent and how beautiful! Recently, when I went window shopping with my friend Kelly, I sat on a suede blue Togo model at Bloomingdales in Dubai Mall. It’s so comfortable and I so want to have it – no matter the colour.

Next thing: A chair by either Mies van der Rohe or Eames.

Talking about Eames (the white chair is an Eames design by the way) I definitely needed their Hang-it-all coat rack:

Light is important. I don’t know if I would actually hang that Ingo Maurer paper chandelier kind of lamp in my home, but I like it very much though. I’m in love with his standard and wall lamp, yup, the ones with the wings.

This Kartell stool is actually useless, but it’s an amazing decoration tool and delivers instant style no matter where you place it.

Do you know any good interior/decoration websites? Please let me know!

May 20, 2010

Pet love.

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Yup, I didn’t write “cat love” because I would just as well have a dog (or 5) if we could have one. I would just as well have a whole zoo. Anyways. I started the morning browsing through nice blogs and I came across this beautiful belt on Atlantis Home‘s blog. She’s got an amazing belt collection, seriously. Wow. I want that cat belt so badly. Would it make me look like a freaky cat women who’s living alone in her house – apart from the 101 cats which have already taken over the place long time ago?

(Pic 1 by Atlantis Home.)

And our little cheeky Feodora aka Feia. I would love to show our gorgeous Atze – the other crazy kitten, our Persian fur ball – more often here in this blog. But she is more like an undercover cat, always busy with much more important stuff than playing around in front of a camera.

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