May 31, 2010

Do washing instructions influence your buying decision?

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If you think this post is a waste of time just ignore it (but I guess in this case you have already followed this advice without even reading. Anyways…). But I find the question quite interesting, because it has already been controversial subject during my friends’ and my shopping tours: “I’m not allowed to wash this top? I have to bring it to the laundry? No, then I don’t buy it.” This is one of my friends. The piece of clothing may be looking fabulous and suiting her perfectly – she wouldn’t buy it if she had to bring it to the laundry. “You know how much this thing will REALLY cost you if you can’t wash it yourself?” OK, she has a point. I have to admit that I (frequent laundry user) do feel guilty sometimes after I’ve bought another non-washable piece. And if I don’t feel guilty than at least annoyed every time I walk through the soaring heat to reach my favourite laundry (they are doing a really good job and don’t rip me off), sweating like a pig. But – yup, I think it’s worth it. Thoughts or opinions anyone?

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  1. Care instructions do influence my buying decisions, esp. since I live in a tropical climate. With jackets or outerwear, I know those need to be dry cleaned. For tops and casual clothes (esp. summer clothes) I look for machine wash. Though sometimes I have got away with machine washing things that should be dry cleaned.

    Comment by Prêt à Porter P — July 10, 2010 @ 1:45 am

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