May 31, 2010

Wolf in sheep’s clothing.

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Proenza Schouler’s Pre Fall 2010 Collection is so pretty! Usually not being a fan of her I’m really intrigued by those oh so innocent little skirts, shorts and school uniform-like shirts and jackets.

(All images via Proenza Schouler.)

And while summer sales has already started and the first Fall 2010 items have arrived in stores I’m sweating in Dubai at 40 degrees Celsius during the day and at 30 degrees at night. I thought that I got used to the heat by now, but this year the summer is really putting me down. Yes, we do have strong ACs everywhere, but this “freezing inside because of the AC, then almost fainting because of the heat when you go outside” is killing me. And this is only the beginning. The other thing is (from a fashion point of view): All the pretty Fall/Winter stuff – useless here in this region. OK it IS cold inside, as I already said. But I definitely wouldn’t wear one of those beautiful fake fur Proenza Schouler coats at the office. Most of the stores stock on winter stuff nevertheless – and sell it at incredibly good prices at the end of the season, because nobody (apart from tourists) would buy them here. Some designers create ‘Fall/Winter’ collections especially for hot regions like the Middle East. But most of that stuff is boring – it’s not really summer and not really winter clothing. That’s life – in Dubai.


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  1. The LBD and the shoes, and yes, the bag, too, are pretty (and) genius. The heat factor reminds me of living in Australia – sooooo hot, and never a chance to wear pretty clothes, like tights, boots or coats. How long are you planning to live in Dubai? It sounds like a work thing.

    Comment by Sabine — June 1, 2010 @ 10:37 pm

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