July 10, 2010

My old bag’s cinderella moment.

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Since Alex gave me this pretty, pretty Chloe Elsie bag (what a luxurious present – I treat it like my precious) I started to neglect my old bag, my partner in crime for almost 3 years (I told you I have my problems in finding a new perfect bag I like). I only use it, when I know I might walk through the mall for hours and get sweaty or go to a party where I need to be able to throw my bag in a corner. (And now that I write that I find it really sad.)

So yesterday was such a long mall day, so I took my old bag (a Mulberry by the way) – and it turned out to be a lucky day for it: There was that Japanese couple hunting expensive designer stuff throughout the mall. I saw them coming out of Louis Vuitton, running towards Chanel, our ways crossed at Lanvin, they headed to Stella McCartney, Temperley, Tom Ford… and finally all three of us ended up at Chloe. I was there first and had my bag just dropped on a big table full of new Chloe bags in order to have my hands free for glitsy-glamour-fancy necklaces. The sales assistant was just telling me how beauuuutiful  everything was and how many extreeeeemely marked down other stuff they had in store when that Japanese lady appeared next to me in front of the mirror trying on – yes, you guessed it right: my old bag.

The sales assistant overreacted a little by screaming “Nonononononono, this is her bag” (in her rough Eastern European/Russian dialect), and the Japanese – totally baffled – apologized a hundred times and gave the bag back to me with both hands holding it like something very valuable. (I’m sure you’ve seen one of those Japanese movies in which the woman passes a tiny cup of tea in a devoted posture? And her delicate white, thin hands don’t even seem to touch the china?) And she kept on saying “very, very, very nice bag” which made me feel as proud as a mother on her child’s first day at school. 🙂 And so we went back home – my old bag and I, happy. Please listen now to the following song by the super brilliant Jarvis Cocker feat. Ali G. (and turn on the volume really high)…


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  1. Ahhh, not only is the ‘old’ bag a really beautiful bag, I just love that the lady tried a Mulberry bag in a Chloe shop (maybe also a reason for the strong reaction of the sales assistant 😉 But hey, the new Chloe bag is a beauty, too! You lucky girl!!!

    Comment by Sabine — July 13, 2010 @ 12:42 pm

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