August 31, 2010

Photography II.

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I read an interview with artist/photographer Erik Madigan Heck today on A Blog. He had obviously done a photographic series for Haider Ackermann, but before I could even get to this point I got blown away by the other works on his website (an amazing website by the way! Love the music, love the sound effects and the layout and simply everything!). I can’t believe that he is still only in his mid-twenties.

(All images taken from here.)

Breathtaking. I can’t get enough.


I’m a dog person. Really!

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But I also love cats. 🙂 We can’t have dogs as long as Alex and I are both working. And I didn’t want to have any kind of pet at all in Dubai, actually. Until Alex called me from our friends Niall and Danielle. They needed to give their little Willy (they also gave their female kitten a male’s name) away. Now little Willy has become big Atze – still a girl. A big girl. And with tabby Feia, we’re complete – although I keep on browsing dubizzle every day, weeping over all the poor pets for adoption.

Today I discovered the (slightly disturbing) paintings of Louis Wain (5 August 1860 – July 4, 1939). The wikipedia article says that Wain suffered from schizophrenia in his later years. That explains a lot, and it makes me sad. I love his paintings and how they parody human behaviour.

August 27, 2010


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… and time is running. I wish I could spend two days in bed only.

(By Tisettanta.)

Happy weekend everyone!

August 26, 2010

Decorate yourself.

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I used to have a small box where I kept some fashion jewellery stuff I collected when I was a child. Nothing really valuable, like a zirconia embellished brooch in the shape of a lady bug, and all kinds of glitter and glamour. I don’t know where it’s got to (maybe it’s still with my mum), but if I still had them their moment to shine was now. Well, maybe not on me though.

(Anna dello Russo.)

(Sea of Shoes.)

(J Crew via fashionising.)

August 25, 2010

The Masters of Mix ‘n Match.

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Gold, silver, fashion jewellery and old heirlooms – jewellery is the only domain where I feel comfortable enough to mix and match. When it comes to clothing I’m not as courageous, though. That’s why I always admired people, who seemed to ignore all “fashion rules”, and mismatched or mix ‘n matched all kinds of patterns, fabrics and forms effortlessly. Here are some of my mix ‘n match heroes…

That’s what I’d call “Mix ‘n Match for Beginners”. It’s easy to combine what the designer created to be combined. And leo print goes well with anything. (Photo courtesy of Modelizing.)

The high art of mix and match. By Dries van Noten. He is so good. I love the colours. (Photo courtesy of

Not as colourful (despite the violet skirt-like thingy) but I love how she put different layers – oh, and the bag… (Photo courtesy of Street Peeper – and endless source of perfect mix ‘n match examples, by the way.)

By Street Peeper, again. I couldn’t not post this picture. Isn’t she beautiful?

Perfectly mismatched. Mixed patterns, but the colours go well together. I wish I wouldn’t use the word “beautiful” so often so it had more meaning here. The truly beautiful Marian Kihongo.

The queen of mix ‘n match: Susie Bubble – Style Bubble – in a less mismatched outfit compared to many of her outfits. But it’s not because of this why I love it so much.

August 24, 2010

Comme La Garconne.

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La Garconne‘s lookbooks are always beautiful. I love their androgynous, relaxed yet sexy style.

Looking at cashmere, wool and mohair sweaters, boots, and shawls makes me wonder when and if I ever have to buy winter clothing again.

On top of my list.

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I just discovered this shirt by Tao on Colette. A dream of a black shirt. Some may say it’s a simple black shirt with a very weird bag necklace. No, it’s not. The little round collar, the 3/4 arm with ruche detail, the slightly transparent cotton fabric (I wouldn’t like it as much if it was silk), the slightly longer back, the shape (nor A-lined neither waisted)… and – OK – the weird bag necklace. I love it, because it’s simply me! But at EUR 570 it’s not gonna be mine, though. 😦

Available here.

August 23, 2010

It’s in the air.

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After my devastating attempt to cook a balsamic honey chicken with baked potatoes – one of the easiest recipes obviously, but I bloody failed – the entire house smelled of caramelised onions, burned chicken and dripping, which made me really sick. I decided to buy scented candles even though I’m really peculiar when it comes to scents (I hate the smell of fried stuff as much as I hate an obtrusive perfume). And I found those by Votivo at Bloomingdales (yes, the exact same Bloomindales I never wanted to buy anything from. But the smell of the candles was simply too good and the sales assistant was OK, even though she wanted to show me four other candle brands after I already told her that I’m really happy and wanted to buy the Votivo ones. Anyways…). They have a really subtle scent, very natural. Hmmm… lovely. Shame you can’t smell them via my blog.

By the way: The smell of burned chicken disappeared by itself after one day.

August 22, 2010


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Please don’t think I was as lazy and spoilt as our cats. I’m a hard worker, who is a little bit lazy on the weekends and likes to be spoilt from time to time. Recently I’ve been spoilt and rewarded a lot though. Only yesterday Alex made me a totally cool and luxurious gift. He got me a bag – no, he got me a clutch! I think he kind of started to enjoy bags himself since he bought me my beautiful, beautiful Chloe “Elsie”. Maybe he discovered that it’s not only about functionality. I don’t want to ask him and go into details, because I don’t want to scare him away from his newly discovered bag interest 😉 Anyways. He showed an excellent taste when he chose the Balenciaga clutch I’ve been lusting after for ages. I looooove the dark blue, which goes well with anything. I like to combine it especially with black. The new, less shiny rose gold hardware… beautiful. And against all preconceptions it’s not impractical at all, that I have to carry it in my hands or under my arms all the time and can’t wear it over my shoulder (unless you go grocery shopping of course). I want to use it every day – and I will.

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