September 29, 2010

Trying to catch up.

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I’ve not been blogging much lately – partly because I was so busy in my real-non-virtual life and partly because I was quite overwhelmed by all the new spring/summer collections popping up every day for the last couple of weeks. I always need my time to digest new stuff (so stay tuned for totally enthusiastic blog posts about the Spring 2011 collections by Prada, Chanel & Co. in February-March – just kidding). This is really bad, because I discover what I like and want always a little too late. Best example: my Ann Demeulemeester lace-up booties from the 2009 summer collection. A friend who was living in South Korea at that time hunted a size 35 down for me in Seoul (thank you, Felix <3) when even the winter 2009 collection had already been sold out completely.

So not surprisingly I had problems to get my head around Prada’s vertiginously colourful new collection, Dolce & Gabbana’s white-white-white creations, Jil Sander’s T-shirt-(huge)skirt-combinations and, and, and… Give me a break, please! I’m not that fast!

However, there’s been one collection I really loved at first sight (it took me a week to write about it, though): Phillip Lim did a fantastic job this time! OK, there’s nothing really innovative (we’ve seen detached collars at Miu Miu last summer already, and leather and lazer cuts are also “in” for a couple of seasons), but the way he put everything together and the colours… the colours! And the shoes…

(All images via

(Did I mention that I’m trying to find a pair of Chanel bow booties? Yes, the ones from a collection a couple of seasons ago. I’ve tried them on here in Dubai at that time and couldn’t get my head around them. For one week I deeply believe I need to have them. Same old, same old…)


September 11, 2010

I’m Cushnie-et-Ochs-ed.

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The entire Cushnie et Ochs Spring 2011 collection is fantastic, truly fantastic. The fabrics, the clean shapes. Shiny black leather remains. As do the colours – beige/nude, white and black, which seem to dominate fashion for at least two seasons now, actually, since Phoebe Philo presented her first Celine collection. And aren’t the necklaces super pretty?

(Image source:

September 9, 2010

Frutti di Mare.

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When I went to the beach last time (hm, that must have been more than a year ago even though we have the beach right in front of our doorstep almost literally) I collected a couple of seashells took them home and put them for (poor) decoration on the sink of the guest bathroom. Not very decorative actually because they are too small, but I couldn’t just throw them away. I knew – before I came across Mesi Jilly’s catalogues – that some people are able to do wonderful things with all kinds of seashells. But I didn’t know that the result could be that amazing. Austrian born Mesi Jilly turns seashells which were “harvested from the sea in an environmentally conscious manner” into beautiful jewellery. The cocktail rings are gorgeous.

Still, I wouldn’t buy them, because after all I believe that seashells – no matter whether they house life or not – belong in the sea and to the beach. But I admire Mesi Jilly’s work nevertheless.

(Images taken from Mesi Jilly’s online catalogue.)

Back to black.

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I’ve come to terms with dark fall and winter colours, especially black, after seeing the amazing winter collection of Joseph Altuzarra on his website today. While I prefer wearing loose clothes (because I’m sitting cross-legged on my chair at work, I fool around with the cats on the floor and I need to be able to climb into my car – I’m tiny :/) I admire women who wear those kind of really tight figure-hugging dresses and suits. Because it looks super hot and I bet it also makes you feel hot (well, also literally – not good during Dubai’s summers).

(All images taken from here.)

(Please ignore my non-existing Photoshop capabilities – I didn’t use Photoshop, that’s why the images are not really symmetrical.)

September 8, 2010

Colour Code.

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Aaaaaahhhhh, this is just right for me today. My eyes are really tired of all the beiges, nudes, browns, nightblues, greys and black in my closet. But when I put on one of my very, very few colourful pieces this morning – a squeaky orange-red turtleneck jumper – I had to accept: no, not for me today. Gosh, I’m so pale – but not in an elegant Dita von These way. I look sick, and a flashy red top doesn’t help at all. So, I have to satisfy my hunger for colour here…

(Image sources: Stockholm Streetstyle (1, 3, 6), Fashion is Poison (2), Garance Dore (4), Hanneli (5) )

September 7, 2010

Ieoh Ming Pei.

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This wry smiling guy is a master of his art. Ieoh Ming Pei, a Chinese American architect. The use of glass, the combination of various geometric shapes, the simplicity and the finesse in details (like for example hand rails which are carved in stone) and how he utilizes natural light to play with shadows – how can someone create such wonderful things? The probably most famous Pei building is the glass pyramid for the Louvre – which is not my favourite to be honest. Too much steel for my liking. I love the buildings for which he used this special light-beige natural stone (unfortunately, I’ve forgotten the name of the stone). Visit the Deutsche Historische Museum, or the German Historical Museum in Berlin if you have the chance. It is amazing. I’ve been lucky to get to write about it for a German magazine before it was reopened in 2003. But of course I didn’t get to talk to I.M. Pei himself, but to his German representative – quite a stiff and arrogant lady, who supported me reluctantly I have to say. Thank God she happened to know our photographer (and obviously liked him), so eventually I got all the really interesting information (and pictures) through him. But actually all this doesn’t really matter, you don’t need to know anything about I.M. Pei (even though the story of his life – I believe his family roots go back to the Ming dynasty – may be quite interesting). Just visit his buildings if you can and be stunned and inspired!

National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C.

Louvre, Paris.

Deutsches Historisches Museum, Berlin.

National Center for Atmospheric Research, Boulder, Colorado.

(Source of images: various. I had saved all those images on my computer ages ago. Please let me know if you happen to know the source of any of these pictures.)

September 6, 2010

Fashion Photography.

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Martin Munkacsi, 1929.

Horst P. Horst, 1939.

Regina Relang, 1952.

Regina Relang, 1950s.

Richard Avedon, 1955.

Helmut Newton, 1970s.

The (my) soundtrack while I’m browsing images…

September 5, 2010


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It definitely stands out from all buildings which are currently under construction in Dubai’s prestigious Business Bay area. Like an object from another planet. You can see it best from Al Khail Road (or if you get lost directly in the Business Bay area like me – they don’t put “No Entry” signs or the like there and nobody stops you from entering, so typically Dubai). I’ve always asked myself what this weird honeycomb-like structured white thing was and got really excited when I read on Gulfnews today that this is the latest project of the internationally recognized architects Jesse Reiser and Nanako Umemoto: the O-14, scheduled to be completed by the end of the year. You should see it in real life – it’s beautiful!

(All images courtesy of Reiser + Umemoto.)

Check out Reiser + Umemoto for more infos. Also interesting: this article about the O-14 tower on Arcspace.

This is reaaaally pretentious. So what?

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Understatement. I think that’s something very German. And i like it. It’s also the opposite of what dominates people’s taste and mind here in Dubai, but that’s another story.

Understatement… Designer, designer brands – ok. Designer, designer brands logos and initials – no, thank you. I always used to make fun of my Japanese compatriots who love anything that has the logo of a very expensive designer on it. (By the way: I read only yesterday, that every third Japanese owns a Louis Vuitton bag, a real one.) But then there was this shawl…

I had seen it in magazines on Sienna Miller, on streetstyle blogs on various fashion editors, and in all kinds of colours: first there was the natural leo print, then there also was the blue jeans leo, the violet leo… Anyways, I think I’ve been in love with it for at least two years. But at the same time this shawl also came with two attributes, which made it impossible for me to go for it: 1. Even though it didn’t have the designer logo all over it, it’s been one of Louis Vuitton’s must-have items, which everyone knew. 2. Every fashion victim seemed to have it. (3. The price.) “That shawl is a NO GO!”

Then, quite a while ago, my friend Kelly (who has gone back to her home country recently 😦 ) and I went window-shopping at Dubai Mall. At Louis Vuitton I confided to Kelly that I had this ridiculous affection for exactly that Louis Vuitton leo print shawl. And to my surprise she said: “You have to have it. It’s so you. You wear scarfs every day, so it was totally worth the money. This would upgrade any outfit.” – “But isn’t it really pretentious?” Damn… I bought it the next day – and I think I didn’t take it off since then (which is like 3-4 months ago). I wear it with anything, and I would even take it to bed with me, but I’m not that crazy after all. It’s so soft and comfortable. Recently, our Junior Art Director asked me where my shawl was from, because she had been looking for a leo print shawl like that for ages, but couldn’t find any as classy looking print. 🙂

What I wanted to say is: It’s not about the name or the no-name respectively. You think my shawl is “like soooo pretentious”? So what?

“Who’s Louis? Who’s this guy?”

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