September 2, 2010

Why so bitter?

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Currently, I’m living the sweet life here in Dubai:

– Every two weeks I have a manicure and a pedicure.

– Every Saturday, a cleaning company sends someone over who cleans the house.

– Since I’m having my eyelash extensions, I’m going for regular check-ups.

– Eyebrows, upper lip threading and other hair removal jobs – every 3-5 weeks.

– A facial every now and then and a back massage from time to time.

– A gardener takes care of the garden 5 days in a week.

– And currently, because of Ramadan, working hours are reduced from 10am to 4pm (by mistake our management thought the official hours were from 10-3, so for almost two weeks I’ve been working even one hour less than the official hours!).

And this is just a part of the luxury we enjoy here in tax-free paradise. So how come I’m still nagging?

1. OK, Ramadan is exhausting because even as a Non-Muslim you have to follow certain rules and should not eat and drink in public. Even though there are only two people in our office who fast, the rest of us doesn’t eat and drink in front of them – which is only natural for us, but still… exhausting.

2. Last Saturday the cleaning company called to inform us that due to “unforeseen reasons” our cleaner wouldn’t come. Hm, not a crime. No drama or problem even. Let’s get the vacuum cleaner out of the storage room and do the little housework ourselves. (I mean, it’s not like I’m not used to do that at all.) Nooooo – I discovered quickly, that all the cleaning tools and material that the company uses were much better than the stuff we still had in the storage. “Alex, we need to buy new stuff.” So we went to the supermarket and bought: 1 cleaning mop, wood and surface spray, 1 e-cloth, and all-purpose cleaner. After the shopping we were both so tired that we just dropped everything and relaxed. That was last Saturday and I still haven’t touched the cleaning mop till now. But the day after tomorrow is Saturday again – time for the professional cleaner to come. Inshah-allah.

3. Having a mani and pedi at the NailSpa is totally relaxing – because this is the only time that I really can’t do anything else but sitting and waiting. Maybe thinking. But: I got used to Annie and Anna-Liza doing my treatments – and nobody else. And Annie and Anna-Liza work at Mercato Mall NailSpa, which is like 30 km away (or is it only 20? Anyways, it takes me more than half an hour to get there). There are various other nail salons around within five kilometers, but no – I keep on driving all the way to Jumeirah. And I also keep on complaining about the long way, the traffic, the long way back when I’m already tired…

4. Eyelash extensions. Don’t even go there. I’m addicted and as a result scared that I look naked if I don’t continue going for maintenance and refill (sounds like car service). I still get a lot of compliments, and I’m really happy with my lashes, but after approx. three weeks I start observing them anxiously every time I pass by a mirror.

5. Gardener… Only. Two. Questions: “Why did he leave the water running for hours again in the heat of the day?” and “By the way, when was the last time you saw our gardener?”

All this plus: traffic in general, work in specific, temperatures around 40 degrees Celsius, packed supermarkets, and cats that only eat tuna/shrimp by Sheba (a mix, which is not available at every grocery) make me sink into our sofa totally exhausted every night. But then again: I’m really complaining at the highest stage. And believe me, I do feel ashamed because of that very often.

Ergo: Life is cool. And tomorrow is Friday, the first day of the weekend in Dubai! Yay! And on Saturday, the cleaner is coming…



  1. Ahhh Kazuko, my heart bleeds… No honestly, I do believe you, because all luxuries in the world cannot make up for things we are missing. Dubai sounds fascinating, but it also sounds like a strangely artificial place. Honestly, I think I would be happier to have to do the cleaning myself, but live in a place I feel culturally at home. Or does this sound too weird? Anyway, how long are you planning to live in air-conditioned desert luxury?

    P.S. The eyelash extension thing sounds intriguing! I’m sure I would be totally addicted to it too.

    Comment by Sabine — September 2, 2010 @ 10:00 pm

    • hm, Sabine, I don’t know for how long we’re gonna stay here. but 1-2 more years for sure. strangely enough i do feel at home here, and i can’t imagine going back to Germany. i wouldn’t mind Europe, though. but we already started to think about that and we tend more to Asia. Dubai is actually a cool (haha) and interesting place to live. but it definitely has its issues that many expats (me including) tend to forget, i.e. that this is not a democracy 😦 (it’s funny how you take it for granted when you grew up in a democratic country.)

      Comment by blindcopy — September 3, 2010 @ 12:55 pm

  2. 6.) “Hubby” is rarely at home. 😛

    Comment by Alex — September 2, 2010 @ 11:13 pm

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