September 5, 2010

This is reaaaally pretentious. So what?

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Understatement. I think that’s something very German. And i like it. It’s also the opposite of what dominates people’s taste and mind here in Dubai, but that’s another story.

Understatement… Designer, designer brands – ok. Designer, designer brands logos and initials – no, thank you. I always used to make fun of my Japanese compatriots who love anything that has the logo of a very expensive designer on it. (By the way: I read only yesterday, that every third Japanese owns a Louis Vuitton bag, a real one.) But then there was this shawl…

I had seen it in magazines on Sienna Miller, on streetstyle blogs on various fashion editors, and in all kinds of colours: first there was the natural leo print, then there also was the blue jeans leo, the violet leo… Anyways, I think I’ve been in love with it for at least two years. But at the same time this shawl also came with two attributes, which made it impossible for me to go for it: 1. Even though it didn’t have the designer logo all over it, it’s been one of Louis Vuitton’s must-have items, which everyone knew. 2. Every fashion victim seemed to have it. (3. The price.) “That shawl is a NO GO!”

Then, quite a while ago, my friend Kelly (who has gone back to her home country recently 😦 ) and I went window-shopping at Dubai Mall. At Louis Vuitton I confided to Kelly that I had this ridiculous affection for exactly that Louis Vuitton leo print shawl. And to my surprise she said: “You have to have it. It’s so you. You wear scarfs every day, so it was totally worth the money. This would upgrade any outfit.” – “But isn’t it really pretentious?” Damn… I bought it the next day – and I think I didn’t take it off since then (which is like 3-4 months ago). I wear it with anything, and I would even take it to bed with me, but I’m not that crazy after all. It’s so soft and comfortable. Recently, our Junior Art Director asked me where my shawl was from, because she had been looking for a leo print shawl like that for ages, but couldn’t find any as classy looking print. 🙂

What I wanted to say is: It’s not about the name or the no-name respectively. You think my shawl is “like soooo pretentious”? So what?

“Who’s Louis? Who’s this guy?”



  1. lol, in general i dont see a problem, i dont even see a logo, all i see is a color pattern making things less ostentatious, more appropriate.

    Comment by THE DIVINITUS — September 5, 2010 @ 9:03 pm

  2. Exactly Kazuko! I think the pretentious-ness (and kind of sad-ness) only starts when one buys things only for their labels – but you bought it despite (well, nearly) the label.

    Comment by Sabine — September 6, 2010 @ 4:52 pm

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