October 19, 2010

The shoe dilemma.

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Since my shoe size usually sells out quickly I always start thinking about what kind of shoe I want to wear the next season very early. One type of shoe I’ve been looking for decades but didn’t find yet is the super comfortable extreme stylish easy to slip on/off high-heel, that goes with all my outfits and doesn’t cripple me if I wear it longer than an hour. I fear this shoe will never be designed. Too late I discovered that Celine’s wooden platforms from SS 2010 could be the next best thing. So this time – I promised myself – I will be open to any shoe style from the very beginning (when they’re still available in stores).

Today I saw the following examples on the internet. They are not available in stores yet, but I will keep an eye on them… What do you think?

(Image source: Stella McCartney)

These two pairs are from Stella McCartney’s SS 2011 collection. They look really comfortable yet a little boring. But you can’t have everything, right?

(Image source: anywho)

The last two pairs I discovered on anywho today. They are by Bottega Veneta. I never considered these kind of heavy platforms before. Do you like them?



  1. The last pair is interesting, but I do gravitate towards shiny black things.

    Comment by Prêt à Porter P — October 19, 2010 @ 6:33 pm

  2. i like the stellas…but not sure about the others.. if im going for a heavy platform i want them to be much higher..not worth the weight on mt foot if it doesn’t do much for the ht.

    follow if u like what u see?


    Comment by prutha — October 19, 2010 @ 8:07 pm

  3. The pretty, flattering AND comfortable shoe… I’m still hoping for this one, too! The first shoe comes very close though – not too high, not too flat, nude colour = slightly invisible, pretty design and will go with anything. I’m not so sure how platforms perform walking-wise. They are great for standing though, and the black BVs definitely have an edge. Still, #1 is my favourite.

    P.S. So happy you had a good time in Munich. Though I don’t like the cold AT ALL, the change of seasons (and light) is a wonderful thing, and I can imagine how one would miss that in an eternally warm country (in Australia a lot of expats complained about it).

    Comment by Sabine — October 20, 2010 @ 12:01 pm

  4. What do I think? Am not overly keen on the bulky examples above, but I adore pictures One and Two.

    Comment by Englishvers — October 20, 2010 @ 4:16 pm

  5. Those are some really nice shoes you’ve posted. Beautiful! Come over to mine too soon. I have shoe competition.


    Comment by ellinor — October 20, 2010 @ 9:21 pm

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