December 27, 2010

I love glitter.

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Can you tell what it is?

OK, it was easy. Yep, it’s a nail polish. I bought it where? Yep, in Tokyo. But since it’s an Anna Sui polish I’m sure you’ll get it anywhere (but in Dubai – correct me if I’m wrong Dubaians!). I was magically drawn to that Anna Sui stand in one of the Mitsukoshi department stores. All that glitter… Even though I’m not girly enough to pull a polish like that off I had to buy one. Back in Dubai I changed my mind and presented it to my therapists Anni and Anna-Liza at the NailSpa. They almost flipped and I ended up showing the little bottle to staff and clients alike. Girls like glitter. And this is a fun polish to wear. Its only flaw: it is scented, and I’m quite sensitive when it comes to fragrance.



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Japan is so full of contradictions, which is maybe what makes it so interesting. I can only repeat myself: If you ever have the chance – go and visit it yourself!

(Thank you, Michiko and Fabian for the last four pictures in this range. They are beautiful.)

December 24, 2010

Silent Night…

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Wishing you all (no matter where in the world) a very Merry Christmas!

While I’m staying in Dubai over Christmas and New Year’s, I’m thinking of my family and friends especially in Europe, Japan and Dubai (therefore the images, which are all courtesy of NASA.)

December 23, 2010

Noritaka Tatehana.

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… So Michiko and I were in this hard-to-spot store in Aoyama, Valve at 81. And as we were chatting with that super nice sales assistant, she told us she wanted to introduce us to a special designer. So we followed her to a little gallery up on the second floor and met Noritaka Tatehana, a Japanese shoes designer I had (as I have to admit) never heard of before. As per his website, he started to design when he was 15 years old. He graduated at Tokyo University of Arts and is specialized in Japanese dyeing techniques called Yuzen and Katazome. One of his most famous clients is Lady Gaga,  you can tell – just look at his creations…

We could have tried the shoes on – even though it looked like an exhibition, all shoes were available for sale – but I didn’t want to break my legs. But doesn’t Noritaka Tatehana look like a real sweetheart?

Valve at 81 was one of the nicest experiences I’ve had in Tokyo! Happy people!

The following images are from their website. Check it out here.

December 22, 2010

Shopping Heaven Vol. 4: Aoyama.

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I didn’t know that Issey Miyake exists of so many different fashion lines. In Aoyama, a quiet, almost picturesque district close to Omotesando Station you will find four to six Issey Miyake stores right next to each other. Aoyama is a very avant-garde area were the price tags are even higher than in Omotesando, but were fashion freaks like me can also discover so many special little boutiques and concept stores.

There was one store, it’s called Black Flag, where people were standing in-line just to get in. The place was so crowded that Michiko and I couldn’t even see what it was about (fashion of course, but what exactly?). And I thought I was crazy for fashion.

In another store, Valve at 81 (next to Marni in a nice little backyard) they featured the usual suspects like Ann Demeulemeester, Rick Owens & Co, and some really interesting Japanese designers even I had never heard of before. The staff was exceptionally sweet, and even though it was very obvious that Michiko and I wouldn’t buy anything (we looked and felt like we’d travelled into the future – this store was full of freaky clothes) the sales assistants would show us pieces we wouldn’t be able to see anywhere else. They were so proud and happy and kept on saying we should take our time, have a look at everything and “enjoy”. And before we left one of the assistants called and told us she wanted to show us something very special… to be continued.

Harness of the day.

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The headline might be misleading since this harness is the only one I own. Unfortunately. I’ve had it for a longer time – remember, I ordered it from Bliss Lau back then. But since I’m such a bloody photographer and an even worse model I never took a picture of it for my blog.

But since I’ve bought so many nice things in Tokyo (and I want to show them all to you), I sooner or later have to start practicing how to take nice pictures of me. (I won’t even ask Alex to help me and the only two people who I could bother with something embarrassing like that – yip, it’s embarrassing for me – don’t live in Dubai anymore. Miss you so much Kelly and Melanie, so so much!)

So, this morning, when I checked myself in the mirror to see if the harness is in the right place I thought: Oh come on, f… it, I’m gonna take a quick picture. The result… at least you can see the harness.

What you can’t see in this pic: Skinny grey Current/Elliot jeans and Repetto flats (I wanted to wear my Ann Ds first, but decided they would make me look too “dark ‘n domina”). What you also can’t see: my bra keeps on slipping down, and of course I only came to realize now that I’m in the office. Today is not my day.

Tomorrow I’m planning to post some pictures that I took in Aoyama (Tokyo of course), including some of that super nice Lady Gaga shoe designer and his erm… shoes. 🙂

December 20, 2010

Shopping Heaven Vol. 3: Shibuya.

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Sorry for the little break, but I really had to spend some time in the here and now. I was already suffering from a serious post-Tokyo depression, everything in Dubai seemed so dull, empty and dumb. So as much as I actually didn’t want to go back to normal life – I had to. Also for the sake of my friends and our cats – I guess it’s not really pleasant to have a frustrated, sad and bored Kazuko around, who keeps on complaining how limited life in Dubai is.

I think it’s safer for me now to go ahead with my Japan posts…

Did you watch Scarlett Johansson in Sophia Coppola’s Lost in Translation wandering through Tokyo, looking up to all the glittering advertisement screens and stumbling through the masses? Many of the scenes were shot in Shibuya. And whenever a TV documentary talks about masses or busy traffic you can be sure – it’s the famous Shibuya crossing they show as the extreme example.

If you’ve stepped out of Shibuya Station and mastered the crossing, countless huge department stores and designer flagship stores are waiting for you to be conquered. There is for example the eight-storey Opening Ceremony, a super cool concept store with super sweet staff. The stylish sales assistant wouldn’t become tired of showing my sister numerous versions of one and the same coat only because the colour of the collar sliiiiightly varied from coat to coat (honestly, I – fashion victim No. 1 – didn’t see the difference. He had to point me to it). My sister bought the coat and the prettiest flap jeans I’ve ever seen. I hope she’s going to make some pictures so I can show you.

I went to Miu Miu, looking forward to it since I had not been to one for ages (we don’t have it in Dubai) – but to be honest: compared to the other stores it appeared to be quite boring.

When you turn to the side streets you’ll find one bar, pub and restaurant after the other. And like in so many other areas of life in Japan, traditional and modern are right next to each other, so you can choose if you prefer sushi and sake or burger and beer.

December 16, 2010

Nu hair.

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If you go to Tokyo, please treat yourself to a Japanese hairstylist visit! I went to one in Omotesando after I had admired all the Japanese women with their glossy, soft, well-groomed hair for three days. How do they do it? Most of them have their hair dyed and straightened = a lot of chemistry. So how do they still manage to have so beautiful hair? “Japanese hair stylists are the best in the world”, I was told. So I went for a four-hour hair straightening session. In Dubai I wasn’t brave enough for the real thing. I only tried the Brazilian Blow-Out thing, which doesn’t leave your hair totally straight and lasts for only three months. But if the Japanese hair artists are as good as their reputation – I thought – then let’s go for the full chemical treatment.

Happiness started with the shampooing: I didn’t sit and had to lean backward. The chair on which I sat was brought into a position that I simply lay on my back so the stylist could wash my hair easily (very comfortable for me). Then the usual procedure started. I really have to say: four hours just flew by. Seriously. You get massages, you watch other people and hair stylists, you read magazines (i loved the Japanese ones – Fudge is one of my favourites. OK, I can only look at the pictures, but that’s fine. See for yourself, you can find Fudge in good book stores even outside of Japan).

The result was pure bliss – and it still is: straight, light, silky hair. I was a little worried that the water in Dubai would ruin the whole thing, but til now it’s fine (knock on wood).

I’m sorry for the following blurry picture. But this is one of the very few of me that exists from that Japan trip after I had my hair done. Seriously. I hate being photographed. This one has been taken in Shibuya. Michiko (on the right) and I pose next to the sculpture of Hachiko, the famous dog, who was loyal to his owner even many years after his owner’s death.

Shopping Heaven Vol. 2: Omotesando.

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I truly enjoyed the Japanese fashion-insanity. You feel embarrassed because you like a pair of jeans only for the little cute stitching on the pocket? Go to Tokyo – the sales staff points you to every little detail of that jeans and gets truly excited about it. Nothing is embarrassing, nothing is too much, too freaky or whatsoever.

“Natural” doesn’t really exist in Tokyo. People seem like they’ve really done an effort to look like they look. Luscious locks may look like you spend two hours at the hair salon. And the young guy with the spiky hair doesn’t have a bad hair day. It’ll have taken him the entire morning to style his hair like that and he wants to show. Women don’t use blush to give their skin a natural glow. No, they want to look cute, so pink cheeks and apparently fake lashes are the way to go. I could have sat all day and night long somewhere in Omotesando just looking at people. I found it fascinating how much women AND men care about their styling.

Unfortunately, I’ve been a little to shy to ask people on the street if they would allow me to take a picture of them. I felt so boring in my black trench, boyfriend jeans and boots, like a European tourist that I just kept on staring.

Omotesando Road has all the designer stores like Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Celine, Maison Martin Margiela, and, and, and… but it’s getting really interesting in the side streets with all the totally freaky stores: punk, gothic, doll, skateboarder… There’s loads to see and try on for everyone. I saw one shop full of stuff only for small dogs – clothing, bags, jewellery… one shop full of buttons, ribbons and all kinds of haberdashery goods… it’s like paradise. Unfortunately, everything is a little pricy even though some stores look like second hand dealers (and some really are, but second hand = cool = pricy as well). It’s simply insane. My sister got a really cool black cardigan, which was totally ripped (though new, not second hand) and full of brass chains. In the same store I bought a shawl – black, huge, long and a mix of knit, lace, silk, stamped out silk… Fantastic thing, a bit gothic-style though, but fantastic. (I’m planning a post with all the things my sister and I bought, so please bear with me.)

And: I discovered a hairdresser that I wanted to try (there are so many) – more in my next post.

Omotesando Hills, a little exclusive shopping mall carrying Ann Demeulemeester, Helmut Lang & Co.

All handmade. Wish I could have taken pictures inside the little boutique.

Clearly this guy didn't pose for me. But there are so, so, so many street-style photographers in this area so I simply took advantage here.

Harajuku - just down the road.

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