December 15, 2010

Japan in Winter.

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The only time I’ve been to Tokyo in winter was in 1976 – so I was a little too young to remember. After that I’ve been only there in summer when it’s very hot and humid. So I’ve been really excited to see what it would be like. Now that I know I can only recommend it. As I was told it’s mostly sunny in Tokyo (we had a clear blue sunny sky almost every day) in December. It’s not too cold, the whole city is decorated xmassy and you can even sit outside everywhere because all the cafes had put heaters.


View on the Fujiyama from Enoshima. See all the surfers in the water?



Tangerine tree in Ofuna.


The view from our apartment in Tokyo.


With Fuji-san in the background.


On the cemetery. My grandpa’s urn is buried here. I was told that they don’t have public cemeteries in Japan. We had to ring the bell and were let in. It’s not been the first time I was there, but now in the winter sun it’s been one of the most beautiful places I can imagine.


My grandfather's place.


It’s common that you bring food and beverages – the things your beloved loved in life – to the cemetery. We put a glass of Sake and beer and smoked a cigarette. My grandma used to bring a bowl of rice and dumplings sometimes. This place is in the middle of Tokyo. You can’t imagine that all the hustle and bustle is just outside the front gate of the cemetery.


These wooden stakes show the new name you get for life after death.





  1. Beautiful set of pictures that made me miss Japan. It’s really interesting why they’d make names for the after life.

    Comment by Grace @ Sandier Pastures — December 15, 2010 @ 3:13 pm

  2. I checked and checked, but there were NO posts from you lately – and suddenly there are 4! A lot of catching up to do now. Tokyo in winter looks beautiful (honestly, I would be happy to go in any season). It’s hard to believe that people are in the water. They must be wearing wetsuits, no?

    Comment by Sabine — December 15, 2010 @ 6:57 pm

  3. oh, your photos are beautiful! (i love a beach in winter!)
    this is what i imagine japan to “feel” like- both busy and quiet, serene and bustling, with pockets of peaceful places scattered throughout. i wonder why the cemeteries are not public? is it a matter of respect for the deceased?

    Comment by Style Odyssey — December 15, 2010 @ 8:41 pm

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