December 16, 2010

Shopping Heaven Vol. 2: Omotesando.

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I truly enjoyed the Japanese fashion-insanity. You feel embarrassed because you like a pair of jeans only for the little cute stitching on the pocket? Go to Tokyo – the sales staff points you to every little detail of that jeans and gets truly excited about it. Nothing is embarrassing, nothing is too much, too freaky or whatsoever.

“Natural” doesn’t really exist in Tokyo. People seem like they’ve really done an effort to look like they look. Luscious locks may look like you spend two hours at the hair salon. And the young guy with the spiky hair doesn’t have a bad hair day. It’ll have taken him the entire morning to style his hair like that and he wants to show. Women don’t use blush to give their skin a natural glow. No, they want to look cute, so pink cheeks and apparently fake lashes are the way to go. I could have sat all day and night long somewhere in Omotesando just looking at people. I found it fascinating how much women AND men care about their styling.

Unfortunately, I’ve been a little to shy to ask people on the street if they would allow me to take a picture of them. I felt so boring in my black trench, boyfriend jeans and boots, like a European tourist that I just kept on staring.

Omotesando Road has all the designer stores like Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Celine, Maison Martin Margiela, and, and, and… but it’s getting really interesting in the side streets with all the totally freaky stores: punk, gothic, doll, skateboarder… There’s loads to see and try on for everyone. I saw one shop full of stuff only for small dogs – clothing, bags, jewellery… one shop full of buttons, ribbons and all kinds of haberdashery goods… it’s like paradise. Unfortunately, everything is a little pricy even though some stores look like second hand dealers (and some really are, but second hand = cool = pricy as well). It’s simply insane. My sister got a really cool black cardigan, which was totally ripped (though new, not second hand) and full of brass chains. In the same store I bought a shawl – black, huge, long and a mix of knit, lace, silk, stamped out silk… Fantastic thing, a bit gothic-style though, but fantastic. (I’m planning a post with all the things my sister and I bought, so please bear with me.)

And: I discovered a hairdresser that I wanted to try (there are so many) – more in my next post.

Omotesando Hills, a little exclusive shopping mall carrying Ann Demeulemeester, Helmut Lang & Co.

All handmade. Wish I could have taken pictures inside the little boutique.

Clearly this guy didn't pose for me. But there are so, so, so many street-style photographers in this area so I simply took advantage here.

Harajuku - just down the road.

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