December 22, 2010

Shopping Heaven Vol. 4: Aoyama.

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I didn’t know that Issey Miyake exists of so many different fashion lines. In Aoyama, a quiet, almost picturesque district close to Omotesando Station you will find four to six Issey Miyake stores right next to each other. Aoyama is a very avant-garde area were the price tags are even higher than in Omotesando, but were fashion freaks like me can also discover so many special little boutiques and concept stores.

There was one store, it’s called Black Flag, where people were standing in-line just to get in. The place was so crowded that Michiko and I couldn’t even see what it was about (fashion of course, but what exactly?). And I thought I was crazy for fashion.

In another store, Valve at 81 (next to Marni in a nice little backyard) they featured the usual suspects like Ann Demeulemeester, Rick Owens & Co, and some really interesting Japanese designers even I had never heard of before. The staff was exceptionally sweet, and even though it was very obvious that Michiko and I wouldn’t buy anything (we looked and felt like we’d travelled into the future – this store was full of freaky clothes) the sales assistants would show us pieces we wouldn’t be able to see anywhere else. They were so proud and happy and kept on saying we should take our time, have a look at everything and “enjoy”. And before we left one of the assistants called and told us she wanted to show us something very special… to be continued.


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