January 31, 2011

Pay it forward.

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A while ago lovely Al from The Red Dot tagged me for the “Pay it forward” game, which means: Write 7 things about yourself and then tag someone else.

It took me a while, but here we go:

1. I love music. I owe this to my mum who’s always been introducing me to new stuff. Went through all kinds of phases: From the depressed teenager who listened to The Cure, The Smiths/Morrissey all day long, through a short but hefty electronic music phase, to alternative rock music. I’m crazy about music. In 2001 for example I went to approx. 15 concerts and festivals, and nine of them were Muse gigs (sadly Muse suck nowadays). All-time concert highlights: David Bowie and Foo Fighters. I’m open to all kinds of genres, so I like classical music as well (I played the concert flute when I was younger) or singers like Petula Clark (my father’s stuff) – they remind me of my childhood.

2. Pets. I can talk about pets for hours. Pets we used to have in our family (we had a lot and still have: a turtle, who is almost as old as I am, and a shelter dog – sweet B, I miss you) my friend’s pets – and I’m not a cat or a dog person. I love both. I hate spiders. My arachnophobia reached its peak when I lived in a flat with a huge wild garden… You know what that means? Sometimes I ended up sitting and staring at a huge spider on the wall until sunrise, then I would call my boyfriend to come and save me from the monster.

My mum’s dog Bibi and our mutant ninja turtle Sara (it’s a he, but we didn’t know when we got him 33 years ago).

Feia (tabby) and Atze. Alex’ and my guuurls.

3. I can’t live without art and art exhibitions – well, I have to kinda, since I moved to Dubai. (Oh yes, we have art galleries in Dubai, but come on – I’m sick and tired of local artists using either the Abaya or the Ghutra as an inspiration.) After university, when I realised that I wouldn’t become a music journalist I thought of working in art. Somehow. And this “somehow” was exactly the point why it didn’t work out.

4. I believe I’m too small. Life on 1,55 m can be very tiring, i.e. when spending a Friday night standing at a bar, or standing in a group of (tall) people trying to follow a conversation, or at a concert (I don’t have to explain). Basically, standing  in a crowd can be difficult, when you’re only 1,55 m tall. Another challenge when you’re my size is: clothing. Everything I buy needs to be altered (if I find something close to my size in the first place). And shoes… I’m so tired of sales assistants staring and smiling at me and my tiny feet, cheering “Aaawwwww, your feet are soooo cute. But no – we don’t have size 35. We don’t even think it exists. Try at the children’s department.”

5. I’m blog-reading and twitter addicted. Can you believe that two years back I would never touch my laptop after work or on weekends? And now I’m online 24/7 with at least 5 different tabs open. One month ago Alex bought me my first smartphone, and I love it, so I can follow my tweeps wherever I am. That also means that my days and nights are getting shorter and shorter.

6. I’m extremely camera-shy. Never liked standing in front of a camera. I mean, look at me here with my brother (yes, I also have a brother). Do I look like I enjoy the shooting?

This is OK. At least I’m trying. (Wearing my new Prada denim shirt dress by the way. Woohoo!)

7. I know a lot about cars and I’m a really good driver – at least I was, until I moved to Dubai where I had my first car accident after 16 years of accident-free driving. Wanna see the disaster? Well, here you go.

That’s it. ’twas really hard for me to chose someone I could pay it forward, but I hope that The little Story Tellers, Sara and Emmy, as well as Catherine from See Creatures enjoy it.


January 28, 2011

Crazy little thing called Love.

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I carry this cute sacred heart around my neck like a trophy. Why does it feel so good to wear a long heavy necklace? It’s a Pamela Love sacred heart and it makes me feel like Queen Elizabeth (at the age of 25, if not younger). I’m gonna wear it every day – yip, with my “real” jewellery, because it looks like “I sooo don’t care”. Know what I mean?

January 27, 2011

Now panic and freak out.

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Ha – I’ve found the perfect gift for every occasion: a Smythson book. There is one for every character and taste (if maybe a little expensive for a little gift, though. But you might as well buy one for yourself.) I love their funny imprints. Went through the whole collection (online), and many of them made me smile. Here are my favourites… (Sorry I don’t have bigger images. You can read the imprints in the captions.)

“Now panic and freak out.”

“Have your cake and eat it.”

“When in doubt shop.”

“Blah, Blah, Blah.”

“I’m gorgeous.”

(All images courtesy of Smythson.)

January 26, 2011


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Sweet dreams are made of sequins. Even if you don’t like to wear them – don’t you look twice when you see sequins glittering? I do. Always did, even before I saw the gorgeous Taylor Tomasi Hill wearing Ashish‘s sequins.

(Images courtesy of Tommy Ton from Jak & Jil)

The only sequined thing I have is this top by Phillip Lim, which I bought at a Harvey Nichols Sale two years ago.

I’ve worn it exactly once, because:

1. The sequins are super heavy. (I wonder how heavy such an Ashish top or skirt is…)

2. They are super noisy.

3. They attract cats. (Really not good!)

But I like to look at the top from time to time, because it’s so beautiful. Maybe I should frame it and hang it up the wall?

January 25, 2011

The Year of the Rabbit.

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It’s almost February already but I’m not getting tired of reminding everybody that 2011 is the year of the rabbit. Probably I wouldn’t have known myself if Tokyo in December had not been full of rabbits. We went to that kimono fabric store, where they had the most fantastic hand-painted fabrics. I almost fainted – they were that beautiful! I had to buy something – anything – so I chose this cute chain full of little handmade charms, including a little rabbit. It now hangs in our dining room window, and I feel really bad about it, because it was supposed to be a present – and I kept it. Hope this doesn’t mean bad karma. However, I have the feeling that the chain radiates good energy – not sure, if it’s enough energy for Alex and me, but definitely for our cats, who are crazy for it.


Hello kitties!

January 24, 2011


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It reminds me a little of my very first bra, meaning: it might not be a man-getter (thank God I’m over that), but I like its straps very much, and I have a lot of wide neck tops for which this VPL bra is perfect. (Plus: it doesn’t flatten your boobs as much as I thought, actually it makes quite a nice cleavage.)

(Bra – VPL, top underneath – Thomas Wylde)

Resume: VPL underwear – tested and approved. 🙂

January 22, 2011

The Shawl.

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How many times did I talk about The Shawl? Yip exactly, the fantastic shawl I bought in Omotesando, Tokyo. I also don’t wanna know how many times – but here it is. You may say: “What? That’s it? This friggin frilly black thingy is the fantastic shawl she bought in Omotesando, Tokyo. The super thing she can’t stop talking about?” But you should see it in real life. It looks so much better in real life than in my pictures! And it’s super soft – otherwise I wouldn’t have bought it, because I hate scratchy fabrics. The only problem with the shawl is – oh, actually there are two: 1. the lace straps are so long that they almost touch the floor (or I’m too small), but that’s what makes the shawl so pretty as well. 2. When I wear it here at home, I always carry one or two cats (holding on tight to the straps) around with me.

(Oh, by the way – my hair is not that blond at all. Must be the light.)

Now, I’m gonna try to claim my blog on Bloglivin by pasting a link into this post… and shit, didn’t work again. What am I doing wrong? (I’ve copied it on top of my post, and at the end – nothing worked.)

Yip, it’s embarrassing – I’m so behind. Just discovered Bloglovin a few days ago. A couple of fellow bloggers already wrote me “I’m following you on Bloglovin” – erm OK, I thought. Sounds good, you do that. I really had no idea! And obviously I was never curious enough to check what they were talking about (not curious enough – that’s not me, actually. Absolutely not.). Until I received a nice comment of those two lovely ladies from Sweden, Sara and Emma, whose blog The Little Story Teller you should definitely check out! Forgive me if I don’t follow your blog on Bloglovin, yet. It’s just because I’m stupid. Please bear with me.

Oh, one more thing: The unbelievably talented Al from The Red Dot (I love her drawings!) involved me in the “Pay it forward” game, which means I “have to” write 7 things about myself in one of my future posts and then tag someone else. I didn’t have the time yet to work on a “Pay it forward” post, but again: please bear with me, it’s gonna come. Soon!

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January 17, 2011

Baby’s back.

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Oh, I’ve been so lame recently. Slept throughout the weekends – but: worked my ass off during the week. It’s been crazy (and what am I doing this for? Things are getting worse, but this is not for this blog). I’ve not only been neglecting this little blog but also my friends and family. Sorrrrry for that. But before I have to slave away on some car ads and radio spots I wanted to share some gorgeous, gorgeous Jean-Paul Lespagnard designs with you. Hopefully by next week I’m back on track with posts of my recent Tokyo purchases (oh no, I’m still working on Tokyo posts – but I really have to show you that super amazing huge black shawl at least. At least.) Now: Happiness! 🙂

All images taken from Jean-Paul Lespagnard‘s website.

January 8, 2011


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Tataaa – my new Prada shoes. And socks. They are from Japan – my size. Resort 2011. Yippiiie. I had tried them on for fun (always bad, bad, bad) – and fell in love with them. But since they were really expensive (I told you: designer clothes are almost double the price in Tokyo compared to, let’s say, USA. Well, depending on the designer. MMM’s Taby flats for example were even more than double the USA/Europe price) and had already bought that denim dress (and lots of other stuff in other stores), I backed off. I bought the green/black socks though, thinking they would go well with any other black shoe.

But I could never get the Pradas out of my head. So the first thing I did back in Dubai: I’ve checked online, how I could get hold of my dream shoes in my size and a better price than the Tokyo option. And yes – Saks had them for pre-order. But when I tried to order, the system told me, that there was something wrong and Saks couldn’t finalize my order. After trying over and over again for the following two days I’ve contacted Saks via their live-chat and learned that there was a waiting list. Apparently the shoes were already sold out before they had even hit the stores. The sales assistant checked if there was any other way to get hold of a pair in size 35 – but: Not a single pair available. In the USA.

So I finally called my sister in Tokyo and asked her to run to the Aoyama Prada store a s a p! and get me those shoes. And lovely Michiko did. The last pair. They are heavenly. Perfect. I walk on 9,0 cm, on a slightly chunky heel. And they are so soft, I almost don’t even feel them on my feet. The socks add a little quirkiness, and I will totally wear them – even though Alex already told me he wouldn’t leave the house with me if I was wearing the socks ‘n sandals version. Sad, because I think: It looks cool and I love, love, love it.

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