January 31, 2011

Pay it forward.

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A while ago lovely Al from The Red Dot tagged me for the “Pay it forward” game, which means: Write 7 things about yourself and then tag someone else.

It took me a while, but here we go:

1. I love music. I owe this to my mum who’s always been introducing me to new stuff. Went through all kinds of phases: From the depressed teenager who listened to The Cure, The Smiths/Morrissey all day long, through a short but hefty electronic music phase, to alternative rock music. I’m crazy about music. In 2001 for example I went to approx. 15 concerts and festivals, and nine of them were Muse gigs (sadly Muse suck nowadays). All-time concert highlights: David Bowie and Foo Fighters. I’m open to all kinds of genres, so I like classical music as well (I played the concert flute when I was younger) or singers like Petula Clark (my father’s stuff) – they remind me of my childhood.

2. Pets. I can talk about pets for hours. Pets we used to have in our family (we had a lot and still have: a turtle, who is almost as old as I am, and a shelter dog – sweet B, I miss you) my friend’s pets – and I’m not a cat or a dog person. I love both. I hate spiders. My arachnophobia reached its peak when I lived in a flat with a huge wild garden… You know what that means? Sometimes I ended up sitting and staring at a huge spider on the wall until sunrise, then I would call my boyfriend to come and save me from the monster.

My mum’s dog Bibi and our mutant ninja turtle Sara (it’s a he, but we didn’t know when we got him 33 years ago).

Feia (tabby) and Atze. Alex’ and my guuurls.

3. I can’t live without art and art exhibitions – well, I have to kinda, since I moved to Dubai. (Oh yes, we have art galleries in Dubai, but come on – I’m sick and tired of local artists using either the Abaya or the Ghutra as an inspiration.) After university, when I realised that I wouldn’t become a music journalist I thought of working in art. Somehow. And this “somehow” was exactly the point why it didn’t work out.

4. I believe I’m too small. Life on 1,55 m can be very tiring, i.e. when spending a Friday night standing at a bar, or standing in a group of (tall) people trying to follow a conversation, or at a concert (I don’t have to explain). Basically, standing  in a crowd can be difficult, when you’re only 1,55 m tall. Another challenge when you’re my size is: clothing. Everything I buy needs to be altered (if I find something close to my size in the first place). And shoes… I’m so tired of sales assistants staring and smiling at me and my tiny feet, cheering “Aaawwwww, your feet are soooo cute. But no – we don’t have size 35. We don’t even think it exists. Try at the children’s department.”

5. I’m blog-reading and twitter addicted. Can you believe that two years back I would never touch my laptop after work or on weekends? And now I’m online 24/7 with at least 5 different tabs open. One month ago Alex bought me my first smartphone, and I love it, so I can follow my tweeps wherever I am. That also means that my days and nights are getting shorter and shorter.

6. I’m extremely camera-shy. Never liked standing in front of a camera. I mean, look at me here with my brother (yes, I also have a brother). Do I look like I enjoy the shooting?

This is OK. At least I’m trying. (Wearing my new Prada denim shirt dress by the way. Woohoo!)

7. I know a lot about cars and I’m a really good driver – at least I was, until I moved to Dubai where I had my first car accident after 16 years of accident-free driving. Wanna see the disaster? Well, here you go.

That’s it. ’twas really hard for me to chose someone I could pay it forward, but I hope that The little Story Tellers, Sara and Emmy, as well as Catherine from See Creatures enjoy it.



  1. Oh my God Kazuko!!! It looks like I wrote it!!ahahaha

    Especially the music part (I am constantly with my ipod: work, walking, bus, train, shopping, gym, cook, when I dry my hair…) I think I couldn’t survive without music, really. And I am always in search with something new, I get bored easily (well, of course not by everything). Me too, I used to love Muse a lot (obsession-like when I was about 17) but I think that lately they are crap (so sad 😦 ) My top favourites lately are Arcade Fire, Blonde Redhead, Lali Puna, the evergreen Radiohead and Mogwai (I am going to see them live the 26th March. I. Can’t. wait.)

    Also the art part… I can’t live without it. Sometimes I think I definitely chose the wrong job.

    The cat’s are amaziiiiingg!!!! I love cats!!!

    And you look so cute in that picture as a kid! And also in the other one: you have very beautiful hair and I love your dress!! (actually, you also possess the camera of my dreams :D)

    And I thing girls that are 1,55-1,60 tall are super cute. I would like to be shorter too, seriously. When I was in Japan I felt so ashamed… too big, too tall, too everything bleah!
    For the feet, you can think you have the Cinderella feet and all the rest have the ones of the ugly and mean step-sisters (me included, with my ugly 40) not very practical for shopping but at least very graceful and beautiful :-p

    A big kiss


    Comment by Al — January 31, 2011 @ 3:33 pm

    • Aaah Al, you reminded me of the great Radiohead concert I went to in – was it 2003? I cried almost halfway through the concert because it was so fantastic. i have to check “your” other bands (Arcide Fire and Mogwai I know, but I have to admit that I’m not really up to date since I came to Dubai and missed out on all the great music festivals and concerts in Europe. Damn!).

      And you, with your size 40 feet – you’re lucky. I bet you always get the shoes you want, especially during sales!

      Comment by blindcopy — January 31, 2011 @ 3:47 pm

      • Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t: here in Belgium they’re all tall and sizes from 39 to 40 sell pretty fast… And in Japan I couldn’t find shoes, they were too small! ahah

        Check out “The Hawk is Hawling” album from the Mogwai (and their super-new single “Rano Pano”) and “23” and “Misery is a Butterfly” from the Blonde Redhead. Speaking of Japanese singers in alternative bands, “Citrus” from Asobi Seksu is quite nice too!

        I went to two Radiohead’s concerts: the first in Florence, piazzale Michelangelo (search the pics, I think it’s the most beautiful part of the city) in July 2003… it was sunset, I just had my high school graduation and they changed my life forever ahahahaha. The second was in Milan in 2008 and it was superbe, they are amazing when they play live. I can’t wait to see them again (they say a new album will be out soon!)

        Comment by Al — January 31, 2011 @ 4:33 pm

  2. It’s nice to know a bit more about you 🙂 I felt like doing something like this for ages but then I always forget! We’re both born in the 70’s and I think we have the same taste of music – The Cure and Foo Fighters!

    Comment by Tuesday — January 31, 2011 @ 4:57 pm

    • ’twas a good decade quite obviously, no? 🙂

      Comment by blindcopy — January 31, 2011 @ 6:22 pm

  3. This is awsome! We’re very similiar actually, except for the car thing (I know absolutely nothing about cars!). I’ll tell my little siss about this and we’ll post our 7 facts as soon as we can. Thanks for tagging us darling!
    xoxo /Sara

    Comment by Sara — January 31, 2011 @ 7:15 pm

  4. I LOOOOOVED this! Now this might not be good news for the bf but I truly believe that small women always have a big choice of men because… men just love small women. They even volunteer to carry them on their shoulders at concerts.
    If you had stayed with my family you would have had no choice but to overcome your spider phobia. As my dad is a neurobiologist/zoologist I spent most of my childhood ‘researching’ creepy crawlies in all parts of the world (and they would never be called anything less than ‘beautiful’).
    Still hoping you’ll overcome your photo shyness because I would so love to see you modelling your amazing wardrobe, Kazuko.

    Comment by Sabine — January 31, 2011 @ 11:28 pm

    • Mr. BF normally likes tall women. But made an exception for this pretty lady. 😉

      Comment by BF — February 1, 2011 @ 8:38 pm

  5. i could have written this myself! we have much in common…size 35 feet, petite in stature, into pets, art (i’m an artist), even similar tastes in music….etc, etc. as for the car thing, i’m a very good driver, but not into cars- in fact, most cars look alike to me!

    Comment by Style Odyssey — January 31, 2011 @ 11:33 pm

  6. – you have a great laughter. you just do. its so pleasant, its heart warming.
    – you are really really pretty. sometimes im not sure you are aware of it. but you are.
    – you suck in Uno, which used to work well in my behalf 😀

    theres so many other things about you too. i guess you can tell i really really miss you =(

    Comment by Deneuve — March 15, 2011 @ 12:53 am

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