February 19, 2011

Pantone authority.

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My outfits have been mainly black and brown recently. And I think I will always be a dark colour person. Black, grey and brown simply suit me and my skin tone best. But I do have some bright pieces in my closet, and I also love to play with nail polish colours. So, this is a rather random post about the colours in my life.

This week at the office in front of photo booth…

I’ve bought this sleeveless Marni top ages age (when Dubai still had a Marni flagship store. R.I.P. Marni flagship store Dubai.) – only because of the colour and the huge dark grey zipper going down the entire back of the top. My colleagues used to make fun of me when I wore that top. They said I looked like someone from the maintenance. Haha. But I don’t care. I just love the stiff cotton. And with my necklace and scarf I’m also sure I it looks less workshop/maintenance, too.

I’ve been searching everywhere for a dark green nail varnish. Finally, I found the perfect green at Bloomindales (though I’d sworn never to buy anything from Bloomingdales in Dubai, ’cause the sales staff sucks in general. Too many, too stupid, too arrogant). The brand is called Illamasqua, and they’ve got really cool colours. This green is called “Rampage”, and it’s a deep seaweed green, which appears blue-ish in industrial light. I really like it, even though I have to say: it doesn’t have the same high-gloss effect that Chanel nail varnishes have.

My absolute favourite nail polish at the moment: Anna Sui’s gold glitter, which I’ve introduced to you here already. Unfortunately, it’s very difficult to show its real colour on a photo. The varnish usually appears really bright glittery golden (like on my small finger). You wouldn’t believe how many strangers already approached me to ask me about this nail polish: sales assistants at the cashier, business men in the office elevator, little girls in the supermarket… Seriously, this polish is an attention-whore! And it gives every super serious outfit that certain “twinkle in they eye” (so sorry, but this nail polish screams for shallow plays on words).

No colour makes your hands look as good as a classic red, no? I don’t remember which red this one was, but I think it’s Chanel’s Dragon.

This Phillip Lim top was a sales mispurchase. (Please listen to me: never buy anything only because it’s cheap.) I still like the powdery green, so maybe I’ll give it another try.

The same green is in this LV scarf. But in contrary to the PL top, this scarf is perfect for me, and I colour-clash it with everything in my closet.

Do you know what this is? Me neither. I mean, I know exactly what it is: three pompon ribbons, which I bought in that super-fantastic store in Omotesando, Japan. What I don’t know, yet: what should I make out of it?

Same goes for those three fringy beauties.

Last but not least I want to show you my inspiration for this post (and for more colourful outfits).

(Photo courtesy of The Sartorialist.)

(Photo courtesy of Vanessa Jackman.)

Those red boots… they look like velvet. Aren’t they fantastic?


Ying and Yang.

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Haha – no, their names are not Ying and Yang. These are Atze and Feia…

I spent the weekend talking to myself and the cats – so: I spent the weekend talking to myself. But it was good. I can be quite entertaining if I have to. I had my bi-weekly beauty routine – nails, lashes and stuff – and I went through my iPhoto and discovered some unseen cat material. It showed me once again how different from each other Atze and Feia are.

“I like to destroy.”


“I can destroy anything you like. Literally. Sometimes I get tired over it (but never “of” it).”



“I like – my peace. I don’t like – tabby cats.”


“I said: peace. Try to tease someone else with your freaky neon pink mouse. Think I’m stupid?”


“C’mon people, what are you doing now up there? Can you please stop the nonsense?”

I can’t stop laughing about this gif, because it really looks like Feia. She’s always in action. Always. I found the gif here.

February 15, 2011


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Yeah, I know: I should be able to come up with a more original headline, since I write for a living. Nevermind…

A couple of weeks ago I passed by the Celine store in Mall of the Emirates and saw the platforms, THE wooden platforms in the window. I always wanted to know how it feels to walk on them, so I went in and asked for my size. They didn’t have them. (I’ve tried one size bigger – they were too big, but so comfortable.)  I had another look around, saw those brown mules, and just as I thought “oh hello, how ugly are you two nickel mid-heel fellas”, the shop assistant said the magic words: “Oh, but those we have in your size.” And since I’m deeply convinced that shoes in my size actually don’t exist (that’s what shop assistants keep on telling me), I responded – like Pavlov’s dog. I tried them on and they were the most comfortable shoes I’d ever tried.

It was love at second sight. They are not the most beautiful shoes I own. They are… different. But I knew I would wear them to death. And that’s what’s just happening. I wear them almost every day. I can even walk around in malls for hours in them. They make me feel so good. I love them. The moral of the story: Don’t judge a shoe/book by its cover.

I really tried to take a close-up shot, but it wasn’t possible. As you can see…

PS 1 It’s funny that I like the rest of my outfit to be at least one or two sizes too big. How would you call that – pathological?

PS 2 I’d loved to work on my blog on a regular basis, but that’s not possible because of my workload at – yep – work. Please bear with me.

February 9, 2011

Twins separated at birth.

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Dubai sucks the life out of me these days, so I didn’t really have time to take weird pictures of freaky me, let alone blog anything. But at least I have time to read blogs and so I came across this cute creature (here on the right) on Muoti Mielessa, a super nice Finnish fashion/interior design blog. You might already know the little Gremlin-like creature on the left – yeah, it’s Atze, the girl cat with a guy’s nick name, the one who doesn’t like me even though it’s me who feeds her most of the time.

What a gorgeous couple, no?

February 5, 2011

Mix ‘n Match. Part deux.

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Hey Fashion Bloggers!

When you take pictures of yourself – do you know those embarrassing and frustrating situations, when you’ve already tried like 50 different poses (hand in pocket, hand out of pocket etc.), and still look like “oh man”, and then – after you’ve finally have a picture that is “OK” – you discover that the background of the pic looks like shit (bed not made, cable salad on the floor etc.)? Yeah, me neither. Piece of cake. I woke up in the morning, felt fresh, looked good, took that picture and went to work.

(Top down: Ann D, Louis V, Current/Elliot, Prada, Christian L). And I swear I never wanted a huge black bed and I didn’t choose it.

February 2, 2011

Mix ‘n Match for Beginners.

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If I had made a New Year’s resolution, I would have decided to fully exploit my wardrobe, be more daring and mix ‘n match the wonderful pieces I already have. I don’t make New Year’s resolutions anymore, but sometimes it doesn’t hurt to listen to your inner voice – even if it’s talking to you on New Year’s eve. Said and done. Today. But since I’m such a scaredy chicken, I went for a pretty safe version of what I see and admire on various blogs every day.

Flower blouse (by Marni) mixed with my beloved leo shawl (by Louis Vuitton – my dear friend Kelly was so right: I do wear it every day, even though every second women here in Dubai seems to have one, too).

That’s an easy one, because the blouse has those black straps, and the shawl has black spots as well. And the pink letters on the scarf go actually really well with the little pink blossoms on the top (but I discovered that only in front of my photobooth). I also wore totally shredded black jeans, which I thought were a nice contrast to the grandma-like top. I’m going slowly, but I’m on my way – or what do you think? My green/black socks with my leo wedges (leo is really easy to mix with all kinds of patterns or colours) tomorrow?

February 1, 2011

Until death do us part.

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Sorry for the creepy headline, but it was the first line that came to my mind when I saw Gisele Ganne‘s jewellery designs. Her collections include “Mourning and Divorce Jewellery” – and I actually like the idea of wearing a piece of jewellery in memory of someone who is not part of my life anymore (in this or that way). Why not?

Hm, was it bad taste if I’d wear any of these pieces just for fun? Or even worse: bad luck? Oh, I’m stupidly superstitious sometimes (*knock on wood).

(All images taken from Gisele Ganne’s website, btw.)

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