March 30, 2011

I spy with my eye something…

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The charger of my camera has disappeared. So instead of taking a picture of my Celine trio bag, I decided to place a visual from Celine’s catalogue and play a little game: Here you can see all colours available…

(Celine’s trio bag. It consists of three single bags held together by a button. The bag in the middle has straps, so you can wear all three together messenger-style, or you can unbutton them and use one or two as a clutch.)

Have a guess: Which colour did I choose? In the meantime I will either get a new charger or hopefully find mine. And if you don’t give a fudge about the colour I went for, at least let me know: Which colour was your favourite?


Just sayin…

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I love this look. Wanna try to find a top in this orangy red.

(Peter Jensen A/W11 via Dazed Digital.)

March 28, 2011

In my closet or: A cautionary tale.

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Yep, that’s me. In front of my closet. The photo is bad, but I couldn’t be bothered to take another, a better one. Because – and that’s very obvious: I already feel uncomfortable. My arms pressed against my body, my hair covering the cleavage … and what the hell happened to my legs? I couldn’t look any clumsier. The reason is simple: it’s the top.

Let me tell you something: There are people, real bargain hunters, who score the coolest stuff during sales. And there is me. I saw that Thomas Wylde top on sales, unbelievable 70% off. It has this funny urban camouflage print, it’s made of two kinds of silk – the back is transparent, the front is… erm not transparent. On both sides it has a zipper from the top all the way down. And frills. The whole box-shaped, frilled camouflage construction is held by two super thin straps.

I knew that sleeveless thin strapped tops don’t suit me. I also knew that side-frills make me look chunky. But 70% off – and I was sold.

Note to myself: stop buying on sales. The small-sized stuff is already gone anyway, and big discounts or low prices trick my ability to judge if something looks good, different or just ill-fitting. Sigh.

(By the way: I do have other pants, but these are obviously my favourites.)

March 25, 2011

The easy way to be (full) Brazilian.

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Good news for all those, who fear a waxing job as much as a dentist visit. Would you believe me if I told you that there is a waxing treatment that is free of pain? There is!

Friday, first day of the weekend in Dubai – Sister’s Beauty Lounge time. I had booked an appointment for waxing and threading and sat at the spa’s coffee bar when I saw that flyer: Victoria Beckham would never do any other waxing treatment than Lycon. Why? Because it was absolutely pain-free, she allegedly said. I usually trust Posh. This woman knows what she’s doing, you have to give her that. But what difference can another hot wax make? For an additional AED 30 (approx. EUR 6) I wanted to give it a try.

Lying naked in front of a stranger exposing your lady bits (every little bit) is embarrassing enough – and then the painful treatment on top. I feel like an idiot every time I go for a “full Brazilian” (which involves the complete pubic hair removal if you didn’t know), and I keep on telling myself: “She (the therapist) doesn’t care, she’s doing that 24/7, it’s only natural.” However, to make a long story short: The Lycon hot wax hair removal is amazing. Don’t ask me how and why – but it is pain-free. It’s still not as pleasant as for example a massage, but it’s much less painful than tearing off a plaster. I was rather relaxed during the treatment, my skin was very soft afterwards and there was no redness or irritations! I believe they do have home care products, too. Check their website.

So, now there’s a painless waxing treatment, there must be a painless dentist treatment, too, no?

(Image via

March 16, 2011

Denim on denim.

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It took me a while to start writing this post after my last one about Japan. It feels just weird. Alex and I are going to cancel our Japan trip, and I don’t want to go anywhere else. My father told me that my grandma, who lives in a suburb of Tokyo has packed a bag – just in case. And she had told him that she had actually put only pictures of us, her grandchildren and family in her bag. This woman kills me. Seriously, how can I think of anything else now? I hope that everything’s gonna be alright. Somehow. And while I hesitate to keep on writing about what I used to write about, life goes on in Japan. So I’ll put myself together and stop whining for now.

What you see here in one of my really bad closet shots (I took it straight after I came back from work, and it was already dark) is my denim on denim outfit. It consists of a Prada shirt dress, one of my Current/Elliott pants and Stella McCartney cork platforms. The shirt dress always makes me feel really good (don’t know why – I think it’s the soft material), but the combination with the jeans left my environment (that is the people in my office) slightly irritated and me insecure as a result. Have I missed the point when denim on denim became socially unacceptable (again)? Or did I combine the wrong denim with the wrong denim (or the right with the wrong? whatever!)? Opinions?

Ah, look at this shining example of mixed denim. It’s Celine Pre-Fall 2011 (liked the collection very much, was disappointed with the Winter 2011 collection, though).


March 14, 2011

About being strong.

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There is so much misery in this world, and life goes on (it has to), but it’s impossible for me to go back to normal, while people in Japan suffer and bad news keep on coming in by the second. I can barely watch TV these days, which makes me feel so weak. At the same time I’m so proud to see how the Japanese try to deal with the catastrophe. I know they’ll rise above this.

Of course there’s no way Alex and I will enjoy our planned trip to Japan on 1st of April. But we haven’t cancelled, yet, as I’d love to see my family (my grandma and my uncle who are safe, thank God) now more than ever. It doesn’t look good, though, and we’ll make a sensible decision within the next couple of days I guess.

She might not be overjoyed to turn up or be related with a sad post like this, but she’s someone I wanted to introduce here (if you don’t know her blog, which you probably already do) a looooong time ago. And since she’s been to Japan and knows all about the beauty of the people and the country, I think there couldn’t be a better time to mention her blog here:

Check out the gorgeous, funny and unbelievably talented Al and her blog, The Red Dot!

There’s no way you wouldn’t enjoy reading her witty stories! And her beautiful illustrations… What a waste of talent – this strong lady is going to be a scientist! A real one! When she recently re-launched her blog, she dropped her Givenchy girl, which had been part of her header. I was rather sad about it so she did – what? She sent it to me by email!  I think I will print it and frame it. I love it and I love Al for sending it to me! Thank you Al, you’re the best! Seriously.

(courtesy of The Red Dot)

If you want to do anything to help people in Japan (and at the same time get something absolutely beautiful in return), buy Yoko Furusho’s wonderful illustration for USD 15. The artist will donate all the profits from the sales of this prints through Japan Red Cross and Yahoo Japan Volunteer for the rescue and recovery of the earth quake in Japan.

(And who pointed me to this link? Yep, Al – she’s also on twitter.)

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