June 24, 2011


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Oooooooohnoooooeeees – not trapped. Only spoilt.

Happy weekend everyone!


June 23, 2011

Ankle adornment.

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I’ve been strangely fascinated by these ankle bracelets since I saw them on Self Service Magazine. (Does anyone know who the designer of this nice ankle gear is? Nic Jottkandt – as I read on i-D Magazine? Couldn’t find any more information.)

(Image via Self Service Magazine.)

And the more I thought about it – I actually love anything that highlights your ankles or wrists. Style Odyssey for example often wears a lot of beautiful cuffs and bracelets – so stylish.

Then I saw these boots with a detachable fringe around the ankle by Yohji Yamamoto on LN-CC. OK, I have to admit that the model and that stunning dress are more than the perfect “accessories” for the boots. Anyway – cute ankle fringe, no? DIY anyone?

(Images via LN-CC.)

June 22, 2011

Back to the future.

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I’m so confused these days. It’s June 2011, isn’t it? The summer collections already went on sale (and are almost sold out actually), the pre-fall collections have not yet completely arrived, winter collections have been introduced (but I don’t even remember when), and I’m already waiting for the resort 2012 collections to arrive in stores. Is it me being too slow or is the fashion lifecycle going faster and faster?

So when I looked at Rochas’ Pre-Fall 2011 collection I had the following dialogue with myself:

“Oh, this is really, really cute. How could I miss it? Oh what? It’s not last year’s fall, it’s this year’s pre-fall collection?! Great! Wait a second – who’s carrying Rochas in Dubai? I don’t know any store carrying Rochas! Hm, it’s gonna be a bit too hot for pre-fall here in Dubai anyways. Let’s check out the resort 2012 collection.” It’s sick, isn’t it?

OK, so this is Rochas Pre-Fall 2011 (via 🙂

June 19, 2011

Boy scout safari with my favourite tiger.

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Whenever I wear that Celine top I feel like I’m going on a safari or to a boy scouts meeting. It has a bit of a uniform to it, no? The colour, shape… Anyway, as I was checking myself in the mirror with the kittens strolling around my legs, I grabbed one of them – tabby Feia – then – quick, quick, quick – my camera… and a picture. The result is slightly frustrating. Feia hates being picked up – oh, who would have thought? But on the other hand, if Feia wants to cuddle up to someone or wants to jump on your lap, you HAVE to let her. There is no escape. Not fair. We tried to take a better picture, but it was a disaster. While Alex was searching for the right setting on my camera, Feia was about to scratch my eyes out. So much for a nice family gallery photo.

(Top – Celine, shorts – J Brand, shoes – Celine, cat – Feia)

June 15, 2011

And I won’t wait till next spring!

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When I saw the pictures of Celine’s new resort collection this morning – actually, 5 minutes ago – I had to drop everything and write this little post. Yes, I am a Phoebe-Philolist by heart, but I don’t follow her directions blindly. There are some pieces in this resort collection that I didn’t feel at first sight, you know? But this here, this black and white thingy, this chunky-white-heel thingy – I love, love, love. I’m totally excited and wanna create my own black ‘n white themes at home instead of sitting here in the agency.

(All images via

June 9, 2011

Blindcopy and the Chamber of Secrets.

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Hello there! Here you can see the result of “clean-up closet, part 1”. I’ve found a long-lost piece I’ve bought at a Matches sales some time ago, but never taken to the tailor for alteration (of course it had to be shortened). It’s from Holly Fulton, and even though I didn’t fell in love with the print at first sight – the shape I loved immediately.

The shoes are from Celine, and I bought them in Hong Kong.

Another thing I’ve never worn (because I didn’t take it to the tailor for alteration) is this simple Ann D tank dress. Now that it has the right length I really love it. You should see the “falling” racer back. It’s perfect. The shoes are Ann Demeulemeester, too. One of my best purchases ever.

If you wonder why the first picture is so yellow compared to the second – it’s simply because I’m stupid and didn’t choose the right setting.

Many items that showed up when I cleaned my chamber of secrets really don’t fit or suit me. I’ve started to sell some pieces on ebay (exactly three, which were sold after a couple of minutes because my prices were obviously too low) – but ebay is not for me. Seriously. I’m such an amateur. It was such a hassle to ship the items…

Anyways, have a great day ya all and an even greater weekend!

June 4, 2011

Just sayin…

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How good are these cufflinks? I discovered them on, and you can get them here. What a cool gift for approx. USD 19,00, isn’t it? (Image via

I’ve been extremely lazy these days. A fact that I blame on the weather. I could deal with the heat (44 degrees Celsius today) if it wasn’t so freakin humid. Only the thought of having to spend one minute in this humidity (for example when parking your car and walking quickly to the shopping mall entrance) makes me want to stay at home. How am I supposed to get a tan in this weather?

And the cats… You have no clue what 44 degrees and humidity mean, when you’re a cat sitting in a 22 degrees chilled room. Our two cats however desperately wanted to have a stroll through the garden today, and they wouldn’t stop nagging until we opened the door to the terrace. Once they had set a paw on the hot terrace floor they stopped and stared at us like we had hit them. Unfortunately, they still want to be outside (they hide under the garden furniture or under our little trees – our garden is still only one year old), and I have to watch and take care that they don’t stay in the heat for too long. Sometimes they stay for a couple of hours until they feel like having a sip of water or a little treat, which means, that I also have to sit and watch for a couple of hours (sometimes from the window, sometimes outside). You may say that this is stupid. Yes, you’re right. But if this is the only way to keep the kittens happy and my mind at rest… then shall it be.

The weather lets me forget how beautiful the city can be sometimes. Good thing that we always have tourists, friends or (like in this case) interns, who remind us how good Dubai can be. Last week our intern Ellen went back home. She took these pictures of Dubai…

What a shame that the summer heat often makes me forget how beautiful it can be here.

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