July 23, 2011

7 days in July.

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Just when I thought I would never see the light at the end of the tunnel at work (the reason for my blog hiatus), little sister Michiko (well, she’s not really little anymore) announced her spontaneous Dubai visit. So I took a couple of days off, Alex had to fly to Munich for one week anyway, and Michiko and I had time for shopping, indulging, and shopping!

Unfortunately, our time off didn’t go without problems in our house – it’s only natural that power outages and everything that comes with that only appear when Alex is away. We were three days without internet, without TV and – at the peak of all that fun – one day without AC at 48 degrees Celsius outside. At one time we had four different maintenance people and technicians in our house. We called the electricity station three times – they came three times, but couldn’t find the problem on the first two. With shorter power outages we also had fire alarms from time to time – it was like hell. But that’s Dubai. First, when you complain, they don’t believe you. Then, when they start to believe that you could really have a problem, they send someone, who doesn’t know what to do, who doesn’t understand you, and vice versa. Multiply this by three (at least) and you have the average procedure to solve a technical problem in Dubai. But let’s move on to the good stuff…

These are the Balenciagas my sister got. I had seen them before and never liked them. Also couldn’t understand the hype about them in many fashion blogs. Michiko on the other hand saw them, fell in love, tried them on and looked absolutely fabulous.

She wore them with a floral skirt, with shorts, with pants… these shoes are the icing on top of every outfit!

Of course – we had our nails done. This is my old hand painted in Dior’s Nirvana.


And we went to Ikea and bought the cats a supercool tube from the kids department. They love it.

Michiko also scored some hot tops on superhot sales at Harvey Nics, and I got a really cool top and a supercool huge white fabric bag (to be worn as a piece of clothing) by Rundholz at IF Boutique (niiiice boutique, useless sales staff as everywhere).

After all this excitement I’ve slept 15 hours non-stop last night. Michiko took off to Germany yesterday, and Alex came back home a couple of hours ago, asking how our week was. Tomorrow I have to go back to work – I just don’t know how.


July 9, 2011

Are you an online shopper?

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If you live in Tokyo, you can stop reading here. Everyone else might be interested to read about my online shopping experiences… The first part is for newbies, the second for more experienced online shoppers.

1. You’ve heard of before, but you can’t remember exactly what it is? You’re a beginner:

I don’t understand why I still get the look every time I answer: “This? I ordered it online.” Online shopping still seems to be reserved for couch potatoes or other pitiable people who don’t have the time to go to the mall. It also kind of revives that old flair of ordering via catalogue – you call, they deliver. If it’s crap, you call them up again and they come and pick it up.

First, I’m not a couch potato, but indeed I’m always a little short of time. Secondly, many things I need or want are not available in the retail stores – shoes in size 35, many Japanese and Belgium designers… And last but not least, I don’t like Dubai’s shopping malls: Who needs five Louis Vuitton flagships? Who needs a Harvey Nichols and a Bloomingdales full of unfriendly sales staff, who have no clue of anything.

Recently at Balenciaga: I ask for a pair of shoes in my size – 35. He (I don’t know why they still hire male assistants, who really don’t have any idea of women’s clothing) comes back with a size 39. “Try it, it runs a little small I think.” Or at the jeweller: I need my ring to be altered. He takes my size – ok, no problem. When I come to pick the ring up I can already see from far away: This ring would not even fit a baby’s finger  (seriously, I’m not exaggerating) – but the ‘goldsmith’ still insists I should try it on at least. I almost freaked out – “give me a magnifier”, I wanted to scream. What went wrong? There were two kinds of sizing on the jeweller’s scale – the European and the American… Can you guess what had happened? Seriously, I’ve rarely had a pleasant shopping experience in Dubai in almost five years.

After all that crap – I’d rather return something I’ve ordered online than get upset about the stupidity of the sales personal. Quite the contrary: Depending on the online shop, the customer service is extremely helpful, friendly and fast. Some stores send a handwritten note with your order, most of them have beautiful packaging… It’s a pleasure. OK, you don’t get your items ‘right here, right now’. You have to be patient and wait for the UPS, DHL or FedEx guy to deliver the parcel. But once it’s there, you can take your time to try the item on, combine it with your clothes – and if it doesn’t fit or is not up to your expectations, you send the store a message, get a return number, arrange a pick-up appointment with the store’s appointed courier service and send it back. Some stores offer free returns, and some charge the return shipping costs. But you can avoid returns if you order a brand you already know (so you know their sizing and their quality in general = no bad surprises).

2. If you’ve already ordered online and need more sources and inspiration – this is for you, the experienced online shopper. And these are my favourites:

Superfast and reliable…

My Theresa – carries many ‘It-designers’, has a beautiful packaging and adds goodies like notepad + pen.

Matches Fashion – as for the brands: they carry, as My Theresa, the usual suspects; the packaging is beautiful, too. Their shipment arrived after three days, which I didn’t experience with any other online store.

Totokaelo – definitely the best online store when it comes to presenting their items. They have a model combining different pieces, and on their website you can interact with other clients and exchange opinions or give advice. It gives the store a very personal touch. Their packaging is also beautiful. Another advantage: They carry brands and designers you don’t get everywhere. Inspiring!

Departement Feminin – They carry only a handful of designers in their online store, very high-end. But what I really love about them – they give you the feeling that they really care: I was once in touch with them regarding an item – half a year later, they contacted me again, saying that they ‘remembered’ (I know it’s in their system – but still…) my interest in a certain designer and asking if they could reserve anything for me from that particular designer. I emailed back and forth with the customer service woman, who was really sweet. I felt that she was excited about the products they sell.

LN-CC – apart from the fact that they carry so many of my favourite designers, they are fast and reliable. (And they’ve got the perfect model to present their clothes!)

Net-a-porter – you’re in good hands.

I also like Browns and Colette, but mainly for the brands and products they’ve got available. Their service is comparable to Net-a-porter – nothing exciting, but reliable.

Here is a list of online boutiques I’ve already ordered from:

I’ve had two disappointing experiences yet. If you want to know more – give me your email.

Do you know any other good designer online stores? Share your experiences!

July 2, 2011


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I’ve got too much to do at the agency and at home these days to update my blog. But the time will come again, soon. So today I just want to show you what kind of activities keep me busy when I’m not working. And I can already hear you say “No, please spare us with another boring cat story.”

I just did this pic with my Mac Photo Booth. Can you see the scratches on my cleavage? Little bitch Feia did this to me today. I had let her and Atze play outside in the garden. But Feia got bored after a while and went one of the at least 2-meter high garden walls up to be closer to the little birds. We don’t allow her to be up there, because on the other side is our neighbour’s garden. And this particular neighbour has a dog, and I don’t want this dog (and with him his owners, too) to go crazy and mad because one of our spoilt cats wants to take a stroll in his territory.

So, what we usually do as soon as Feia jumps on the wall: we call her, convince her with treats or – if nothing else works – go over to her with our water pistol, shoot some water at her, and she comes down. But today none of that worked. Before she could even think (I actually doubt that she has the ability to think), she slipped and fell from the wall – unfortunately, onto the other side. Damn it!

So I put on some shorts and flip flops, went out on the street to our neighbour’s garden and called for Feia. I could see her sitting in a bush. I couldn’t enter the garden though as it was closed. So I had to knock on the door, and our poor neighbour, who was just taking a shower opened (wrapped in a towel) and let me into her garden. As you can surely imagine – Feia didn’t want to go home. She was save in her bush, so let the sweating creature (I’m talking about me here) keep on talking. I think Feia didn’t even recognize me, because she was all puffed up. And when I finally got her, she tried everything to free herself and escape. I’ve never seen her that mad. (The one time she went missing for a whole day, she must have been too weak to resist.)

I know what you’re thinking: “Freakin’ cat woman, not being able to hold her spoilt little rats.” Maybe you’re right. But it’s still love. What can I do?

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