August 15, 2011

Recently through my phone’s camera.

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Life in Dubai is rather boring these days. At 45 degrees Celsius (which is around 113.0 F), it has slowed down to an ‘almost dead’ level. Even with the AC constantly running you can feel the heat everywhere. And the humidity… It’s my fifth summer in Dubai, the most exhausting summer so far. If I didn’t put my alarm clock, I’d easily sleep more than 10 hours per night (on the weekends I do allow myself 10 hours of sleep). But my friends and colleagues say the same: this summer is like hell. My energy level: -10. Alex is on another business trip this week. Turkmenistan. So the kittens and I try to entertain ourselves as good as possible.

A couple of random photos…

Sleepy Atze.

Sleepy Feia.

And instead of posting a photo of sleepy me, I give you – the Marni shoes my sister ordered for me (since Marni don’t ship to the United Arab Emirates. Thank you:/ ) a while ago. They are so comfortable.


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