June 4, 2013

Hair. A never ending story.

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I’ve been a brunette my entire life – being half Japanese it’s a given. Accepted. Yes, I could have bleached my hair, but again – I never really thought about it and I also didn’t want to ruin my hair (dry, split ends and all that). But from time to time I would look at models with platinum blonde/white/grey/pink/violet hair – sighing. And not only since Kristen McMenamy I would dream of hair like this…




Then I saw a before/after picture of Erika Bearman aka OscarPRGirl, who has turned from a (natural, I believe) brunette to a blonde – the ultimate affirmation for me that brunettes are beautiful and all, but blondes… blondes just look… cheekier? Sexier?


In recent pictures her hair looked even more white, which I really love! (And she kept her dark eye brows! I say: yes!)


However, I’m still a brunette – and I’m not going to change that. My hair’s been through a lot – especially here in Dubai with this crazy heat, sand, salty sea water and chemical hair treatments. No more experiments. All is good. And right then, when I had come to terms with my dark brown hair, what do I discover (more and more – and more – every day) on my head? White/grey hair! No surprise here. I mean, I’m turning 40 in only two months… So, I’ve thought of dying it brown, the roots at least. But then again – why? This is going to be my chance to boast white-ish, grey-violet-ish hair, eventually! I just don’t know how (and if) I will survive the transition period (without dying, tweezing…)? Recommendations welcome!

(Photos via, ‘oscarprgirl’ on instagram and other internet sources that I, unfortunately, can’t remember anymore.)


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