May 30, 2011

That Dress.

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Ever since I saw that lady with the helmet-like hairstyle wearing The Dress I dreamed of having a similar one. No, actually I wanted the exact same dress! But neither the woman’s name nor the dress’ designer, were mentioned, when I saw the picture first (unfortunately, I forgot where I saw it first).

It took me quite a while to find out, who she is and what she wore.

She: is Lotta Volkova, artist, designer, and stylist originally from Russia, who studied art and fashion at Central Saint Martins, London.

The Dress: is Balenciaga.

Before I go on raving about Lotta and her amazing dress in particular and style in general (and her equally amazing own label), let me tell you: I’ve seen The Dress on the weekend in real life. And it’s all I can think of since the moment I touched it (it feels like a costume from a 1960s science fiction movie – not that I knew how costumes from 1960s movies felt like. But you get the point. Synthetic. Anyway. I wouldn’t hold The Dress too close to a lighter or a lit candle. It might go “puff” and disappear). I also saw an amazing pair of shoes – but I can get over the shoes, if I can only have that dress. I don’t know how, but I must have it.

I never thought anyone could pull those Prada fisher boots from Fall 2009 collection off. The way she wears them – just wow, no?

The two different yellows of her pants and socks – genius!

Oh, I always wanted a piece from that Prada collection!

(Pictures via

Lotta Volkova also has her own label. I found these designs from 2009 on her blog. I love them (especially that I’m into harnesses lately).



May 28, 2011


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Do you already know how tough and cool a harness makes you feel? I still love mine from Bliss Lau to death, but I feel I could really need another one… Well, birthday’s coming up in two months, and what would be a better present from me to myself than one of the three following harnesses? Which one would you get?

(Harness and pic by/via Fannie Schiavoni.)

Hm, this is quite similar to the harness I already have. So, rather not… (Harness by Fannie Schiavoni via Barneys.)

This Zana Bayne leather harness is beautiful. I really love it. Hanne Gaby Odiele has one too (via Zana Bayne’s blog Garbage Dress):

May 20, 2011

Am I cute or what?!

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It’s Friday and I’m at home – for the cats it’s the time they are allowed to play in the garden. If we lived in a colder country they could run freely all day long, I wouldn’t mind. But at over 40 degrees Celsius… Maybe I’m overprotective, but Feia already got lost outside once for 24 hours. And when I found her sitting under a car a couple of streets away from here, she looked like she’d been in the desert for a week: gaunt, desperate, scared, thirsty… I don’t wanna go through that again. And by the way – I think she’s learned her lesson, because she never crossed the path to the world outside the garden after that. Persian Atze on the other hand still tries whenever she thinks I don’t look.

If I don’t open the door to the garden quickly enough, kitties get really upset and try anything to make me open that freaking door. And since I’m an animal abuser by heart, I enjoy this minute of superiority, before I let them out. But that minute is already enough for tabby Feia to go mad. And if’s she’s desperate enough, she plays the “I’m too cute for you” game. While Atze gives up after a couple of seconds, Feia bends, rolls-over, smiles, pokes, kisses and caresses you until you can’t help yourself and her cuteness magically makes you open the door. Yep, she can do that to you – so you better not mess with Feia…

“I am cute… you feel light and happy… I am cute… but the air in here is getting sticky… I am cute… you wanna open that door…”

Then I open the door and…

“Yay, birdsssss. Which one of you wants to play with me first?”

“No?! 43 degrees Celsius is actually my feel-good climate. No?! I’m not too hot. All fine. You go inside now.”

I looooove lazy Fridays! And here are some Gerhard Richter inspired pictures:

From time to time, very sensitive people  recognise Feia for who she reaaalllly is :

A little Egyptian pharao, our little princess. I got this retouched photo from lovely blogger friend Anna. Her boyfriend Alexander had photoshopped it. It’s funny how those little things make me soooooo happy. You guys made my day! Thank you for the great pic! Alex and I loved it.

May 18, 2011

Just sayin…

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… watch that video and tell me you don’t love Jarvis Cocker (being a hetero guy is no excuse for not liking).

I wanted to post something about 37-year old gals wearing shorts at the office, and ask you if you think it’s an appropriate piece of clothing for a) the office (even if it’s an advertising agency) and b) for a 37-year old gal (“gal” indicates the state of mind the 37-year old is still in, unfortunately).

So, I wanted to do that, but the cats crossed my plans. They destroyed a bag of gummi bears and a tissue box, and threw a plate full of bowls and cutlery off the kitchen bar. But that was only the beginning.

As a result from licking to many gummi bears, Persian Atze had diarrhoea and shit her pants, literally. Obviously she had tried to get rid of the shit in her fur, so it wasn’t only the gummi bears that were glued to the floor… the whole piece of art was also accentuated with brown stripes of erm… shit. Thank god for not letting me buy that rug company carpet! Feia on the other hand was so full of gummi bear sugar that she was completely out of control, flying through the house and attacking me left and right while I was kneeing on the floor, trying to remove the shit (holding my breath). Little girl thought I was playing some kind of funny game. But guys, that wasn’t funny.


Anyways, I just wanted to let you know. I hope I can work on a “shorts” post tonight, but I’m not sure. I also wanna show you a lovely photoshopped pic I’ve received from my dear blogger friend, Anna. One at a time…

Before I leave you for today, I also want to share this picture with you.


 Beautiful, isn’t it?

May 13, 2011

“Not just a pretty face.”

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This is the name of the Essie varnish I’ve got on my hands! (You really thought I was talking about myself?! Grrrrrr.) Essie always gives their polishes the funniest names…

I went to my bi-weekly mani/pedi routine today and took all my Anna Sui glitter-glamour bottles with me – but suddenly felt the urge to go for something neutral. (Does the colour of your nails influence which clothes you wear, too?) And since my skin is a liiiiiittle tanned (after 2 x 5 hours of sun bathing on two days in a row – I’m not kidding you. I just don’t get a tan. Never. I get sunburned, though. Easily.) I thought “Not just a pretty face” would be nice on me today.

On my feet: Chanel’s Dragon.

May 8, 2011

Fashion Fail (kinda. Read on, it’s not what you think).

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As a matter of fact: Opinions vary. But this post IS NOT really about whether you like or dislike Pamela Love’s Talon cuff.

Actually, I always thought I didn’t like Pamela Love’s Talon cuff (ring, necklace, whatever), until I saw it on Opening Ceremony’s online store for USD 300. The price made me reconsider. Yep, if you think I’m that shallow – you’re right. And if you think that USD 300 is a hell lot of money – you’re right, too. But did you know that this cuff usually costs USD 1000? I don’t know why I knew (maybe I had a hidden crush on this cuff, but my brain ignored it because of the price?).

Anyway. I decided I liked the cuff at USD 300. But the German side in me wanted to be 100% sure if I was about to order the right thing, so I emailed the friendly customer service if they were sure that USD 300 was the correct price for a cuff (the ring version costs around USD 300, but I don’t want a ring)? The prompt reply: “Yes! It’s a great price for a Pamela Love signature cuff.”

I ordered.

Five minutes later I receive another email: “I’m sorry, but the price may not be correct.” OK, no problem – I had seen this coming anyway. To my surprise I received another email later: “Sorry again. The correct price is USD 400 – still a good price!”

In the meantime my brain had desperately fallen in love with the Pamela Love cuff, which was obviously playing “hard to get”. And you know how it is: You always want what you can’t get.* So I almost jumped at the new price – 400 Dollar, yeah, be mine, you cuff! (Plus: The customer service offered me free shipping for the inconvenience. They’re really nice. Actually.)

I ordered. (No worries, the first order had already been cancelled.)

The next day – another email: “So sorry, but we actually ran out of stock of this cuff.” Can you feel my disappointment? But that’s not the end of the story…

I may sound like I’m stupid, but I’m not that stupid. So I checked the Opening Ceremony online store again and there it was: The Pamela Love cuff. At USD 1000. Seriously guys, you could have just told me.

(Image taken from Pamela Love website.)

* Note to self: Listen to the Stones, bitch. You can’t always get what you want.

May 6, 2011

Just sayin…

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… my nails are sparkling green. I love my Anna Sui nail varnishes!

Next time I’ll put another layer, so the colour looks less transparent and more green!

May 5, 2011

Inspiration Chloe. Inspiration Phoebe.

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For somebody like me who’s not working in fashion, the months between fashion weeks, seasons, summer and winter collections can be very quiet. Almost boring. I feel like I’ve seen all collections from each and every designer already a couple of times. So I went back to older collections, which keep on inspiring me. One of the best (in my humble opinion) is Phoebe Philo’s collection for Chloe, SS 2006. It’s so crisp and fresh.

(Please excuse my poor “photoshopping”, haha.)

(All images via

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