November 30, 2010

Early New Year Resolution.

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30 degrees Celsius during the day and down to 20 degrees at night – time to get into Christmas mood in Dubai. Last night we had a “1. Advent BBQ” at our German neighbour’s place. They had decorated their garden, invited some friends, and cooked some really, really delicious Gluehwein – which is a mixture of different kinds of wine (probably leftovers), sugar, cinnamon, vanilla… and I don’t know what else. I love it!

Usually, you meet a lot of weird people on these kind of garden parties. People, you don’t want to meet. Dubai is full of them. Nobody knows what they are doing here exactly, but they usually work for the Skeikh family or the Government, they have at least one company, two cars (one 4×4 and one racing car) and a wife somewhere on another continent. And after a couple of months they just disappear, leaving their leased cars behind, together with loads of unpaid bills. But I’m wandering off the topic…

So, yesterday I met this French, Cecile, housewife-turned-life-coach. I was really impressed by her. Not only did she speak Italian, English, German, Spanish, Japanese and French of course, she also showed a genuine interest in every person she was talking to. I asked her how she, as a life-coach, helped other people she has never met before, strangers, to find a solution for their problems within six to eight meetings. She said she didn’t. Her job was to take people to the point to finally take a decision. Very interesting. It got me thinking: For many problems there is no solution. You have to accept that and take your decision how to get over with it. And this is my resolution for 2011: to stop getting mad at people or situations you can’t change – and save some much needed energy.

In case you’ve already wondered: Yes, I’m still flying to Japan. By the end of the week. So long, I’m enjoying the weather, the garden, the cats…


Last resort.

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I do love Prada’s Summer 2011 collection. But I can’t see myself in it (we’re talking dreams here, people). And if I can’t see myself in it, it will be a thing of the past for me sooner or later (more likely sooner). I just can’t distance myself from fashion just as professional fashion journalists can (should be able to) do.  This is why my personal resort is rather Prada’s Resort 2011 collection: Jeans, black dresses, colourful accessories, socks in platform heels – give it to me, baby!

(Images from


November 29, 2010

Underwater Love. Part 2.

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Often had I seen his photography not knowing who they were taken by. Now I have the name: Wayne Levin, born 1945 in Los Angeles. His black and white photography is one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen. I’ve taken the images from his website where you can see many more stunning images. How much I love underwater photography have I already expressed here.

November 28, 2010

A piece of Meissen.

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If you are interested in tableware you might have heard of traditional German Porcelain Manufactury Meissen (Europe’s first Porcelain Manufactury by the way). They are celebrating their 300. Anniversary this year, but their products are still the most sought after collectibles all over the world – even if its decor may look dated in your eyes. I personally find many of the hand-painted pieces very charming. They may not go in line with my usually more puristic taste in interior design. And if you don’t like to put a big flower bouquet painted vase on your living-room shelf, maybe a cocktail ring from Meissen’s Joaillerie will make you happy (provided if you can afford it)?

(All images courtesy of Meissen.)

When nature takes over.

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As always it took me quite a while to process and digest all the Spring/Summer 2011 collections, and – as always – I changed my mind a couple of times. Jil Sander for example: First I didn’t like the latest collection, now I think it’s one of the best since Jil Sander left the house.

I liked the first Alexander McQueen collection after the death of McQueen himself at once (who did not?). Especially since his longtime assistant Sarah Burton proved to be a more than worthy successor. She gave the McQueen baroque woman an even stronger feminine spirit. To me her collection symbolizes the matriarchy of nature. Even the staging of the show where grass made its way through the white parquet floor reflects that.

I don’t remember when and how I discovered that (quite late, I know), but I love the feminism a la Burton in the most powerful yet seductive way. And if I can’t get hold of a piece of it (let’s say the clutch – i love the clutch) I have to copy the Minx-ed nail art at least.

(Fashion images courtesy of


In my opinion one of the best, if not the best SS 2011 collection.

November 26, 2010

Star Collaboration.

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Must have: The starry nailpolish, product of the collaboration between cosmetic label Uslu Airlines and fashion brand Rika.

I’m a huge fan of Uslu Airlines, or rather of their product marketing, since sadly I couldn’t get hold of any of founder Feride Uslu’s polishes, yet. (Check out their website and their other collaborations – tres genial! The nail polishes are named after airport codes.) They are available online but I don’t think you can ship nail polish to the UAE (last time I’ve been sent nail polish, it never arrived – oh, it did: but three weeks later and back at the sender’s address). Oh, I know – I will try to find them in Tokyo! Anyways, back to…

… the starry nailpolish. Rika‘s trademark stars for your nails. The polish appears black in the bottle, but once applied little stars shine on your nails.

You can add even more rock-star attitude with Ulrika Lundgren’s (stylist-turned-designer and head of Rika) edition star scarfs.

(All images via

Oh, and by the way – other than scarfs, Rika has some really nice stuff:

I took this image of the fall/winter collection 2010 from their website. Looking forward to their spring/summer collection.

November 23, 2010

See you there.

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(Tokyo Disneyland. Image source.)

It’s been literally ages since I’ve been there. No, I’m not talking about the Neuschwanstein Castle. I’m also not talking about Disneyland – but the next best thing. I’m flying to Tokyo next week! And I’m so excited and nervous at the same time. As I already said, it’s been a very long time (15 years?) since I’ve been there. But now is the perfect time for another visit: My sister (who – unlike me – speaks Japanese) and my father will be there, too. So my Japanese grandma and I can actually “talk” to each other (through sister/dad) when we used to only smile (OK, she smiled and cried at the same time) at each other on Skype. I’m a little sad that Alex can’t join me because he has to work. But I hope we can make it together next time. (Thanks for your support – big xo!)

To me Japan, and especially Tokyo, is a fashion heaven! Not only do I admire Japanese designers, I also hope to get some things in my size. Shoes in size 35 – I’m coming! Also looking forward to all the crazy vintage stores – last time I bought an old pair of Levi jeans at a price which even exceeds the price of my current (also as in current/elliott ;)) jeans. They were really cool – and really vintage, means: they fell apart after a short time.

I keep on collecting fashion addresses that I definitely need to pay a visit. And since 15 years is a long time, I guess there is loads of new cool stuff for me to discover now. Has anyone been to Tokyo recently and can recommend any special store, boutique, cafe, restaurant…? Please let me know!

November 20, 2010

Random: More stuff I like.

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1. Jeans (shorts) which are too big.

(Via The Sartorialist.)


2. Cuffs, cuffs, cuffs. I think soon I’m gonna do a post about all the cuffs from my wish list. This one is by Giuseppe Zanotti.

3. Coloured glass.

4. Cat Yoga.

5. The super comfortable Dries van Noten shoes that nobody but me wanted. I bought them at 70% off! True story. They might look boring here, but they’re super hot on your feet (despite the slightly grandma-ish heel).

6. Manis (and pedis) at the NailSpa. Re-discovered my first non-beige/nude nail varnish: Lotus Rouge by Chanel. (And yes, it’s a blurry photo.)

7. The fact that I can’t take a single photo without Feia sticking her nosy nose into the camera. 🙂

I like jewellery and pets.*

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I like jewellery (I could make a fullstop here but…), which is not only a pretty accessory but also tells something about your personality. So for me it’s only natural to mix different pieces up. Like I have items I wear every day – a little necklace my father gave me, a ring Alex gave me and little diamond studs (the latter are not linked to something I’m really happy to be reminded of but they are too cute, plus they belong to me and my stories no matter if I like it or not).

I usually don’t buy myself any kind of jewellery but nobody else wanted to buy me this super Les Nereides necklace (already shown here), so I had to make an exception.

What this necklace says about me? Very simple. It literally shows where I see myself in a couple of years: Sitting in a cafe in a beautiful city like Paris drinking beer (certainly not like an alcoholic clochard) like a lady, dressed in YSL or Givenchy, with my dog right next to me, having a friendly chit chat with the waiter who already knows that strange old lady (me).

Back to the subject of this post: Jewellery that says something about your personality. I found these necklaces by Katie Hillier online today. They are way to playful and cute actually, but as I said: when it comes to jewellery I don’t give a fudge.

* This is what this post is about and this is why I like those golden creatures which look like they’ve been made from a paper clip.

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