November 29, 2011

Consuelo @ Marni.

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No, this is not about the corporation of Marni and H&M, which has just been announced today (makes me really excited). This is about a little event at the newly opened Marni store in Mall of the Emirates – featuring the designer herself, the adorable Consuelo Castiglioni. Damn, I was so shy (because I really, really love her and everything Marni) that I didn’t even had a picture taken with her. But she smiled at me when she saw me in my Marni outfit (I didn’t even wear it for the occasion, it was really a coincidence). Gosh, this woman is just so charming – and look at her shoes (and that amazing skirt)… I think I love her.



Tokyo mon amour.

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It’s been two weeks already, since Alex and I were in Japan. And I’ve got so much to tell and so many photos to show – what I don’t have is time to prepare everything and blog. To make a long (and beautiful) story short: We enjoyed every single minute and had so much fun. I’ve been to all ‘my’ shops and cafes and restaurants and hairdresser and… Hopefully I’ll blog some more Japan (and especially Tokyo) experiences (and purchases) soon. We’ve visited my grandmother and grand uncle, and I discovered some hidden (and little) Japanese in the last corner of my brain. It was lovely. Oh, but my grandmother cried so hard when Alex and I had to leave. Unfortunately my sister Michiko called her in exactly that moment, and she was really worried since she couldn’t understand a word our sobbing grandma tried to say – so hard did she cry. So naturally, we’re going to visit her soon again. Hopefully very soon. Cherry blossom time? This time it’s gonna be Michiko, Fabian, Alex and I – all together. I can’t wait. Counting the days already…

Alex got ‘interviewed’ by some cute school kids – of course a photo had to be taken, too. 🙂

November 6, 2011

When madness rules craziness.

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A long weekend finally gives me the chance to leave a little update here on my blog. It’s been a crazy past three months, in which I had no time for anything. Partially, I have to blame myself, because in the middle of chaos at work and everything I’d decided it would be the right time to adopt a third cat. Until then I didn’t have a clue of how easy-going Atze and Feia had actually been when we adopted them back then. Naive as I am I thought a third cat would probably need a week to settle in and then we would all live together in peace and harmony until the end of days. So wrong.

Little Watson, an only two-months old rescued street-kitten (we thought a kitten would be better for our two oldies) moved in and took over the house. This little guy was ALL OVER the place, like you have no idea. He played like crazy and for at least one week the rest of us – meaning Atze, Feia, Alex and myself – were on the run or trying to hide from him. And there was nothing that would slow Watson down. We told him “no”, we shouted, we used our water pistol… it left him totally unimpressed – you know, like you could see on his tiny face that the message just hadn’t reached him. At all.

When Watson didn’t riot around he wanted to be hugged, cuddled and carried around. I’ve never seen a cat so desperately in need for a human hug. He would climb up to my head and start licking my ears or biting my nose. And if I’d put him down he’d scream like a parrot – seriously. At night he would sleep so close to me that I’d wake up sweating because of him. Then the next problem: We were not allowed to close any door in front of him. Bathroom visits or just getting dressed while opening and closing the wardrobe caused pure desperation in our little fella. He would get so scared of being excluded and alone that he started to pee and poo – not in his litter, that is.

Friends asked me: “So why don’t you just leave the bathroom door open?” Because Watson would climb between my legs into the toilet bowl. Seriously, it’s a cat, and you suggest me just to let him do whatever he wants so we have our peace? So, once I had finished “my things” in the bathroom I would have to clean up Watson’s “things” in front of the bathroom. Thank god we have no carpet. And you can imagine that this “routine” is a bit stressful if you have to work full days, being totally overloaded with jobs at the office.

Next: After two weeks or so, we noticed a little eczema on Watson’s white fur. We took him to the vet and – oh no: He’d got a street-kitten fungus, which is highly infectious and – if not medicated – can seriously damage organs, too. At that time I’d been only worried about Atze and Feia being infected, too. But when I noticed a really disgusting looking eczema on my face and arms I knew that I had another problem. I went to the doctor and got some hammer medication. Then Alex noticed an eczema on his skin, too. So now we’re still all three under medication (but at least not infectious anymore). THANK god Atze and Feia didn’t get it.

The only good thing about that sickening and disgusting cat fungus: Watson has become a lot more calmer with his medication. So most of the time he can accept that doors close – and open up again. He uses his litter (also because I’ve bought two additional litter boxes), and he has also accepted that not every cat in this household wants to play in his wild ways. (Oh thank you, Atze and Feia, for being so patient with him!) His affection is still annoying sometimes and he eats like a pig (I really can’t get enough cat food to satisfy the beast’s cravings) – but at last he’s one of us.

Now – the test: Alex and I are flying to Tokyo next week. Finally! So we’ve got Claire from HomelyPetz, who already knows Atze and Feia, taking care of the cats. Please cross your fingers that Watson’s gonna be a good boy! And when we’re back, he’s going to the vet to get his balls cut. Yes, those tiny balls that seem to give him the power and energy of at least three horses (or 10 Red Bulls).

I’ll be back after Tokyo with loads of pictures – promise! So long… xoxoxo

We used to live a quiet life…

Thank god, even the devil sleeps sometimes.


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