October 29, 2010

Style from Tokyo.

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At the latest when  The Sartorialist published some shots of her, Rei Shito has caused quite a stir within the streetstyle blogger scene. I’m really fascinated by her style I have to admit, even though almost every picture of her makes me go “nooo” (an uncertain “no” with a big “?”) at first. She is way too thin, she looks very young and strangely old at the same time, she wears Maison Martin Margiela’s Tabi Ballerinas (in gold), she is a geek but in a way very cool, even sexy. Her style is very Japanese (I know she is Japanese, but you know what I mean, don’t you?), but while many Japanese fashion lovers (it was really hard to avoid ‘fashionistas’ here, but I’ve made it, yet ‘fashion lovers” sounds a bit corny :)) tend to go either extremely avant-garde or extremely school-/little-girl, Rei Shito manages to look different in almost every pic taken of her. Oh, I almost forgot to mention that she is an extremely successful streetstyle blogger as well: Style from Tokyo is her blog – but in my opinion she herself is the best style ambassador Tokyo could have. Go Rei! I love your style!

(Images via La Mode Outre, Muoti Mielessa, The Sartorialist, I Love Sorbet)


October 28, 2010

Hello Kitty!

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It’s been a while… Some new pics of our two girls, Atze and Feia.

Whoops! My mum’s dog.

Tired. 🙂 How much I love Feia when she makes that face and crawls into my arms. She’s like a little dog, the most affectionate cat I know.

Happy Weekend everyone!

October 27, 2010

Hussein Chalayan is killing me.

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How could I not notice this collection? Fall/Winter 2010 Hussein Chalayan.

I actually know how: Same old, same old. Since I’m living in a hot country I’m not really looking at the designers’ winter collections – I can’t wear them anyway (totally ignoring the fact that I might not be able to afford them in the first place) and it really hurts to see all the beautiful cosy looking winter clothes… (And no, I’m not planning to go back to a cold place anytime soon. J)

Plus: Hussein Chalayan’s collections used to be a little out there for my liking. So either I’ve become more open or he’s turned to “more wearable”? Doesn’t matter.

Sorry, I have to post almost all looks from the collection. It’s that beautiful. Think it’s one of my favorite if not my favorite Fall/Winter 2010 collection.

(All images via

October 26, 2010

Girls who are boys.

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I’ve got a tiny frame, long hair and I look quite young – and that is not always a blessing. To be taken for an intern when you are the responsible person in a client presentation sounds funny, but it’s not, I’m telling you! This really happened to me two years ago, and I was 35 back then. (There was this guy from client side who wanted to have a small talk with me before the meeting started, so he asked me if I liked my internship at the agency. Gosh, that day, in that moment… I wanted to freak out and die.) It’s in my genes (look at my sister – she doesn’t look like 30, does she?).

Anyways, that’s why I’m always afraid of looking too girlish, and I try to avoid wearing stuff, which could be considered cute or which makes me look younger. So it’s the tough, edgy, boy-ish stuff I’m after. You know, for the balance. But since I don’t wanna look like I take myself too seriously, I often play with (too) big sizes: like I wear fluttering pants rolled up (preferably I leave one pant leg longer than the other – my own kinda trademark), or one of Alex’ shirts… To be honest, that hasn’t really helped making me look older (many people don’t get my “style”), but it makes me feel stronger and more self-confident.

That’s why I really admire designer who design clothes for strong and independent women:


Commes des Garcons

Hussein Chalayan

Dries van Noten

(All images via

October 22, 2010


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I’m usually not really interested in celebrities – not even in their styling, because in my humble opinion the least of them are really inspiring. (Maybe that’s why street style blogs are so successful?) However, when I saw this picture of Scarlett Johansson I stopped. I don’t know why many women go for the bob these days… Keira Knighly, now Scarlett Johansson… I don’t think it’s a really flattering hairstyle. But if you look like Johansson nothing can really ruin your look, can it? I love the colour of her highlights and I’m especially fond of her make-up. But bob – you are not gonna crown my head. Opinions?

(Image: Reuters.)

October 21, 2010

No diamonds, please?

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Maybe this is the alternative for you? Seen on buy amt.

Check out their website, they look prettier in a more realistic size, and they’re available in different widths.

October 19, 2010

The shoe dilemma.

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Since my shoe size usually sells out quickly I always start thinking about what kind of shoe I want to wear the next season very early. One type of shoe I’ve been looking for decades but didn’t find yet is the super comfortable extreme stylish easy to slip on/off high-heel, that goes with all my outfits and doesn’t cripple me if I wear it longer than an hour. I fear this shoe will never be designed. Too late I discovered that Celine’s wooden platforms from SS 2010 could be the next best thing. So this time – I promised myself – I will be open to any shoe style from the very beginning (when they’re still available in stores).

Today I saw the following examples on the internet. They are not available in stores yet, but I will keep an eye on them… What do you think?

(Image source: Stella McCartney)

These two pairs are from Stella McCartney’s SS 2011 collection. They look really comfortable yet a little boring. But you can’t have everything, right?

(Image source: anywho)

The last two pairs I discovered on anywho today. They are by Bottega Veneta. I never considered these kind of heavy platforms before. Do you like them?

October 12, 2010


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When I don’t know what to wear, but my closet is actually bursting, I know it’s time to get some inspiration: This time I got it from Craig Arend’s blog “altamira: models off duty“.

Inspiration 1: Where should I start? OK, this girl has a fantastic leather jacket and an equally fantastic leather belt, which I both don’t have. But the inspiration I take from this pic is: DO combine heavy accessories with light fabrics! (Oh, and by the way: her sunnies remind me of those fabulous Daddy B shades by Oliver Peoples I’ve tried on recently and didn’t buy because they’re freakin’ expensive. Now I’m seriously reconsidering…)

Inspiration 2: Stop wearing boyfriend jeans all the time, but DO wear more skinny jeans. DO wear your new ACNE blazer and combine it with anything, no matter the colour and the fabric. And go for black booties and a big bag next time you come across anything similar – they add instant coolness. (And leave your Havaiannas at home.) But besides – isn’t she gorgeous? Her hair, her skin tone, the dyed eye brows…

Inspiration 3: Kristen McMenamy. Style icon. I don’t know what she’s wearing here and why. And is this black and white thing body-colour or a zebra top (she’d just done the Louis Vuitton show I believe). A green bra and black layer over layer over layer… It really doesn’t matter, because: It’s all about the attitude! No matter what you wear, DO wear it with an attitude! DO it!

Under surveillance.

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I love glass covers. I’ve seen them in a boutique for decoration (not for sale) and since then I want one. But as long as our cats are still young and naughty we won’t get anything like a decorative glass jar. I tried decorative glass vases before and it didn’t work. 😀 Feia already smashed two and thank goshness nobody got hurt.

Here are some of my favourite glass covers. I discovered them on secondome.

Can you imagine how beautiful anything looks under these jars? But even without any object to cover these pieces of art are truly stunning!

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