August 17, 2012

It’s true. La Mer is the sh**

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I’ve been using La Mer’s (unbelievably expensive) lip balm for years – it’s a miracle in a pot. So when I came back from Tokyo last year and my skin was totally messed up (wasn’t used to dry cold climate anymore) and my Shiseido cremes and lotions suddenly did not work anymore (shock) I got a call from Bloomingdales at Dubai Mall – just in time: “We would like to invite you to a complimentary La Mer mini facial.” OH NO! I knew this could end up in a financial disaster. But: I went to the facial (who wouldn’t? It’s for free!) – it was heavenly. The sales assistant gave me a couple of those super rare La Mer samples. I’ve tried them and from one day to the next my skin was smooth, healthy, hydrated and spotless. And that’s it. From that day on I’ve been using it. I only discovered – after a couple of weeks – that La Mer’s creme is too rich for my skin so I’ve tried the lotion and the gel. Perfect. Now I’m using the lotion at night and the gel at day. Before I put gel/lotion I take two drops of La Mer’s Regenerating Serum. And at night I also use their eye balm (still have a sample). My skin has never been better. Yes, La Mer is expensive, but the difference it makes is dramatic.


Remember? Snapshots.

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Remember little Watson, who we adopted last year?

Here he is a couple of months old with big Atze.

And this is him now. Relaxing in his signature relaxation pose. He’s become enormously big (as his paws had always indicated).

Smile, it’s the family portrait: Atze, Feia and Watson.


Printed matter.

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You hopefully appreciate the fact that I didn’t use “Prints charming” as a headline for this post. I swear I’m going to kill if I have to read it one more time in any magazine or blog. Scratch that as I’m sure I will come across that line again.

As we’re sweating at 28 degrees Celsius with AC inside (it is so hot and humid outside that our AC can’t cope – 28 is the best we can get right now) I’m looking at the winter collections wondering what I would wear if I were to choose. And there they are – prints and embroideries. I like them especially on pants. Do you believe that small people shouldn’t wear (big) prints?

Seen on LN-CC. My favourite.


Proenza Schouler



Actually, I’m glad I don’t even have to think of buying winter wear – yes, I’m going to save a lot of money. We’ll talk again after the season. Latest.



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