October 12, 2013

Death by shoe or: when shoe becomes you.

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It started with a silly thing: I was at Harvey Nichols in Mall of the Emirates, in the shoe department. There wasn’t any shoe I was really interested in, but I was a little bored so I took a closer look at the shoe I’ve NEVER wanted: the Balenciaga cut-out boot – but without the cut-out, the new winter option.


The display size was a IT35 – so why not try it on? And if I didn’t know – now I knew: This boot is supercool and looks AWEsome. Even on a tiny, short me! (My sister bought the cut-out version a couple of years back when they were first launched, but she is much taller than me.) Now I wanted them, too. But not the closed version, which was available right there right now in a rare size 35 – no, that would have been too easy. I wanted the cut-out version. Yes, the summer option, which is sold out EVERYwhere.


After days of research I’ve found only one store that would get them in my size. But they don’t accept pre-orders. So, I’ll have to wait and hope I’ll get them before they sell out.

Inspired by my discovery (that a chunky boot could suit me), I’ve browsed the internet for other statement shoes/boots (also, because I’m the most impatient person in the world and didn’t want to wait for the Balenciagas). So I came across an old acquaintance – Rick Owen’s wedge boot.

7_RP13F08001 LGE09

And again, after hours of research I’ve found a store that carried them in my size. I got really excited and ordered. They arrived and – no… the shaft hurt my shinbone badly after a minute. Damn, I would never really wear them. I would have to send them back. Said and done. Still waiting for the money to be refunded – but that’s another story (don’t buy from – they’re quite new, totally unorganised and their customer service does actually not really exist, unless you have a question that can be answered with an automatic reply “We can confirm that we have received your inquiry…” – bad, bad, bad).

But the stupidity wasn’t over, yet… Still under the impression that I would get the money back from in a couple of days, I went boot-hunting again. No matter what, now I wanted a pair of cool boots. Givenchy!

b4649404008ba74bf05833db3560f106This is the coolest of all boots. And even after returning them – I don’t really want to accept that they weren’t for me. I’d even kept them for three or so more days (usually, when I want to return something I’d do it the day after I’ve received the item), because I loved them so much. But every time I would try them on – no, not for me. But: Thank you, – you’re an awesome, superfast seller (and refunder). 100% recommended.

So for now I’ve decided to be more patient and wait for the Balenciaga cut-out boots to arrive – and wish me luck that I’ll be fast enough to get them. But to be very honest, I’m still looking around…

What about Guidi?


I’ve never had the chance to try them on. So ordering them in the smallest size would be a matter of luck. Therefore – unfortunately, no.

Now, what do you think of Givenchy’s two versions of the classic derby?

70919eb45cda69415e5556ade80fde7fOr the more playful calf fur version?


I don’t know… What do you think? And don’t tell me you think I’m stupid, because that I already now.

(Balenciaga is available at; Rick Owens and Guidi are available at; the Givenchy chain boot and b/w derby are from; the calf hair Givenchy derby is available at – one of my favourite stores!)

P.S.: Just wanted to let you know – even though I’m stupid from time to time – I am actually a responsible buyer, and I only order online when I’m 99% sure the item fits and suits me.


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